Episode 367

Nerdist Podcast

Alex Winter

Nerdist Podcast: Alex Winter

Alex Winter sits down with Chris, Matt, and Jonah to talk about how he got into documentary making, his early love of the internet, and how he got the parts in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Lost Boys!

Watch Downloaded on July 1st!

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  • @eddy: No, Alex is a brilliant dude. When we’re ACTUALLY “scrapping” the bottom of the barrel (how does one “scrap” a barrel bottom anyway?) YOU will be on. Which, as I’m sure you well know, will never happen. Troll and rage all you want, my friend! No amount of snark will alter the fact that your willful ignorance is only outweighed by your pointlessness. I mean seriously, lad! Your only contribution to this world is negativity and douchery and you couldn’t even get THAT right! Deliciously ironic! #scrapping

  • As soon as I posted I realized I had one spelling mistake. I tried to see if there was an edit function because I knew that if Chris “I’m not going to engage trolls” Hardwick responded to the comment, it would be focused on that one mistake. So predictable. Oh and congrats on joining the #doucheshashtaggingoutsidetwitter. We meet every other month at the Saddle Ranch. We’re the ones with the popped collars.

  • The moment I saw this pop up in the download queue this morning I thought, “Oh, I’ve gotta listen to this on the drive in to work.”

    I’m going back and finishing up the last few minutes now, but this was an intriguing “HOLY SHIT, what the hell happened to THAT guy?” interview. Because I’m clearly out of touch.

  • Uggh, why all the hate, fellas? Super interesting guest & was a part of my & many other people’s childhood’s.

    Chris: deep breath, shrug it off, you’re better than that.

  • @eddy: “Grrrrr! Buhhh! Duh edit but-ton!” Nice recovery snark attempt! You sure turned those tables right around and showed me what’s what!! Honestly, it’s adorable to see you get all riled. And you even referred to yourself as a troll, which is refreshing.

  • Chris, I understand the urge, but trolls and some “celebrities” even are just like the possessed advertisements in The Simpson’s episode Treehouse of Horror VI Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores, where Paul Anka sings “Just Don’t Look.” It we don’t pay attention to trolls they go away.

    On the flipside, trolls win when they have people bashing “them” and saying things like, “he/she probably lives in their mom’s basement,” etc. This is wrong, because it goes into drawing negative connotations to genuine things, like playing D&D or other things that may be deemed “nerdy”. I understand though the urge to be defensive. It’s innate, but ultimately it’s a choice to fuel the fire or not.

  • I can just picture that poor little guy, heart racing, obsessivley combing through that second comment to make sure there were absolutely no spelling errors. Laughing so hard right now.

    Suck a barrel of cocks, Eddy. Make sure you scrap the bottom to get every last one.

  • Holy mouth-raping shit! I fucking love this dude. Yeah, sure, he did B+T, but he also did one of my favorite flicks of all-time–FREAKED! In fact, I was just listening to Blind Idiot God the other day in the car. I believe they didn’t even release a soundtrack or put that song on their album. It was exclusive to just the movie. I just ripped it from the opening titles and MP3’d it. But I also like Alex’s music videos.

    Admittedly, I’ve been a little slow on Nerdist episodes lately just because I’ve been listening to music on my commutes, but this is definitely going on the USB for tomorrow’s drive!

  • Yet another great unexpected show. Keep it up!

    Have Alex on again when his child actor project comes out, sounds very interesting.

    Eddy: Be Excellent to each other.