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Aasif Mandvi

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Nerdist Podcast: Aasif Mandvi

Aasif Mandvi hangs out with Chris and Matt to talk about The Daily Show and his new movie The Internship, and Janina Gavankar (from True Blood and Arrow) hangs out and joins the conversation!

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  • No, no, no, the movie Jon Sewart is shooting is about Mike Score being arrested on Lawman by a flock of Segals – clones of Steven Segal in Iran arresting Score because he’s an infidel journalist. It’s an action comedy musical.

    But the twist is, none of the Segals have ever seen each other. So when any two of them end up cornering Score, they forget about him and epic battle each other. And Score ALWAYS gets away.

  • OK, which one should I listen to? I have 2 Aasif Mandvi Nerdist podcasts in my iTunes. One is 1:18, the other is 1:21, & the one here on the site is 1:17:57. So, is it the one closest to the one posted here, or does the other one have some exclusive iTunes content? ;)

  • The conversation stopped at 1:07:59. I don’t know if the podcast didn’t upload all the way, or if it’s just my computer. I reloaded my page and fast forwarded it and it happened again.

  • That’s exactly the difference. The longer version has Janina complaining about something her employer did, the shorter version has it edited out.

  • I’m having the same problem mentioned above: the ep cuts off at 1:07:59.

    As an aside: There’s definitely an edit. A couple of minutes before the end, there’s a quick exchange that I can’t quite make out, something about HBO and Instagram, that then turns into a discussion about whether or not they should edit out Janina’s earlier comments on the subject. They even mention specifically that that refer-back won’t make any sense, if they take out the thing that they’re referring back to. The thing is, there isn’t any earlier comment on the subject, and the refer-back doesn’t make any sense, so there’s definitely been an edit made.

    However, that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that when the current, shorter, (officially approved, I’m guessing?), version ends, it doesn’t actually end; it just stops dead, and cuts out mid-sentence.

    The original version was 1:21; the current version is 1:18, but stops at 1:08. I’m guessing that the edit was 3 minutes, and when the current version was uploaded, there was an error that lopped off the last 10 minutes.

    This is the only version currently available through iTunes. Any chance that there’ll be a corrected version?

  • Ugh, so NOT enjoying the surprise “pop-by” appearance by Janina in this episode. It’s like she’s interviewing Aasif, not Chris. This episode is really difficult to get into and enjoy with three people, all talking over each other.

  • Chris, for the love of God, please stop comparing your experience as a white American traveling to Franco-Anglo speaking countries to racism. Racism is an interesting topic, I think it’s totally fair for you to bring up with guests, especially guests who have been racialized by the entertainment industry. Instead of trying to relate with to their experience with a really weak and problematic comparison, please just be direct about how you want to understand their experience as a PoC in the entertainment industry. Please, please, please stop doing that.

  • Hardwick, I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we demand a full refund. Immediately.

    Well that was fast. Thank you.

    Also, the haters can go perform various vulgar acts upon their progenitors and household pets. Janina was sweet and awesome and funny and I simply can’t wait for her forthcoming episode. Do release it soon.

    You’re welcome for my opinion. You may cease reading now, for my comment has reached its conclusion, but don’t be sad, for you may still think of it as you go through your day and allow the mere notion that it exists somewhere in the world to be a comfort to you.

    Now run along.

  • Anyone having difficulty following this likely doesn’t have at least 3 siblings. To those of us who do, this conversation warms my little heart, because it reminds me of Christmas dinner.

  • He’s Pakistani, not Indian. : /

    Unless you already knew that and were making an ironic reference to their mention of the casting racism. If that was the case then…still pretty much : /

  • When I saw that Aasif was on the show, I was actually looking forward to listening to it. However, I had to stop before the end, because it just became too much with Janina getting involved.

    That’s not to say I didn’t like her – I look forward to her episode. She just seemed to overpower the conversation. I think she was doing it out of love, she was proud of Aasif and his accomplishments and perhaps wanted to make sure people knew about them.

    But as I say, it was too much. For me.

  • i completely lose all composure when Bjork comes to visit the podcast….giggling uncontrollably! More Bjork, please!!! (voice-haters can go to blazes)

  • yeah, I gotta kind of agree with some of the comments about Janina. She seems like a fine person, but I was pretty disappointed that she ended up dominating a lot of the conversation when the episode was supposedly about Aasif. And there seemed to be a lot more overlapping dialogue than usual. Just kind of a difficult episode to get into (which, I realize the nerdist guys predicted during the episode)

  • AH! Now I know why there are THREE versions of this episode on Sticher. I’m easily confused…

    SO glad when Janina Gavankar finally got to bring up Assif’s role in “Disgraced!” So thrilled to hear about the Pulitzer Prize on NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour a few weeks ago! Love seeing nice guys finish first.

    As for the movie “Kumare,” here’s a link to the movie’s homepage: and here’s his interview on “You Made It Weird” with Pete Holmes:

    @Chris Hardwick – You’ve gotten a couple of “They Daily Show” people on, now you need Beef Stew to complete the set! Collect them all!

    @Matt Mira – “But I won’t do…ANAL!” Brilliant.

  • Don’t usually do this, but I gave up on the episode after 32 minutes. I can’t listen to Janina anymore. I would have really liked to hear Aasif speak for more than 2 seconds at a time. Hopefully he can come back for a real conversation in the future..

  • I don’t know why, but Aasif never mentions that he actually started at Busch Gardens in 1988. Wait, I do know why. Saying you got your first gig at Disney is pretty rad.

    But I was there. I have pictures. We worked in The Congo Comedy Caravan together.

    You know what you did, Mandvi. You wrecked my safari hat, Mandvi! Maaaaaandviiiiii!!!!!!!

  • OH GOD. Sarcastic Psychic is bringing back some pretty bad vibes, @nerdist ….

    I was once sitting in the library before a class started in high school, and a friend was talking to me, but was snapping at me and being fairly rude. And I said, “Jeez, what’s your problem, did your cat die or something?”

    AND SHE BURST INTO TEARS AND DIDN’T TALK TO ME FOR A WEEK. Because her cat had died that morning. WTF.

    **Sarcastic psychic!**

    (Loved the episode by the way. Related to a lot of what Mandvi said about sitting on the cultural fence. Bring him back soon!)

  • I loved this episode, definitely made staying awake most of the night cleaning a more pleasant experience. Also made it a longer experience as I had to keep stopping to laugh my ass off, whilst protecting my butthole from alligators.

  • I don’t know why you would be worried that the hillarious ramblings of all of you would not be engaging pod – don’t worry, it was great. Ramble on!

  • Janina made this one difficult for me. She continually attempts to commandeer the conversation. I was really looking forward to hearing a more focussed talk with Mr. Mandvi. I’m 49min into the podcast and officially give up.

  • This podcast was totally deceiving, I really wanted a podcast with Aasif Mandvi and I got Janina Gavankar interrupting every sentence. I understand that people riff and conversations involve people talking over each other but the main reason why I was annoyed with this one was that I think Aasif Mandvi is really interesting and I wanted to hear what he had to say. Also, when people popped into previous podcasts, they would stay for 10 minutes and then leave. Janina was in the podcast for the whole episode, except for the first 10 minutes.

    A more accurate title for this episode would be Aasif Mandvi and Janina Gavankar, Long Time Friends.

    In the intro, Chris said that he was bringing Janina back for her own podcast. I’d really recommend bringing Aasif back for the conversation we all wanted to hear instead.