Episode 468

Nerdist Podcast

Aaron Eckhart

Nerdist Podcast: Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart sits down with Chris to talk about the best way to start conversations with women, shamans, wisdom and age, sobriety, France, money, practicing for his roles in front of his dog, filming The Dark Knight, and his new movie I, Frankenstein, out Friday, January 24th!

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  • Sweet! Looking forward to that movie already. Hm, wonder if this is the same Frankenstein movie that Dan Radcliffe had all that long hair for? Eh, probably not, this was less than 2 months ago when D-Rad was on The Graham Norton Show, so that might not even have wrapped yet.

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    @Wildride….spot on! i was thinking about all the good movies Aaron has been in and was going to suggest that all nerdists should check out the wonderfully dark flick he was in, The Mist. Then i realized “wait..that wasnt him…who was it???”, just as you posted your comment. Hazza!

    Peace & Separated at Birth


    PS: Is I-Frankenstein the story of monster pieced together from corpses of dead apple employees? thank you! thank you! try the quiche!

  • Chris, have you not seen Your Friends and Neighbors? Because when Aaron referenced gaining weight and growing a mustache, I don’t think I could have resisted quoting “Nobody makes me come the way I do” at him. His character in that movie had so many pants-pissingly hilarious, completely deadpan lines. The entire film is a dark comedy gem.

  • When you have more mainstream personalities on you can sometimes hear the point where they realize it isn’t going to be just another bullshit press junket and they can relax, this is what I think a lot of us want to hear anyway. This was a great one.

  • I’m a fan of the Nerdist, but I think Chris should do a better job of promoting projects by the guests. I get that he doesn’t want to ask the standard junket questions, but there are so many original and in depth questions that he could have asked if he did more research. and eckhart, in particular, seems to be an actor who really enjoys talking about his craft. i’m sure he had some interesting stories about ledger, for instance.

  • This Aaron episode was great. Just a super down to earth and comical guy. Know he’s been a lot of movies but not many actors can say they’ve been to The Core of the earth with Hilary Swank.

    Bring him back again sometime!!!

  • Funny to hear AE says, “Married without kids after forty is weird, married without kids before forty is cool.” I’ve wondered how much flack men got for that because I’m 44 and married and have never had kids. When a stranger asks how many kids Hubby and I have, I’ve found I need to say “none” and change the subject quickly rather than deal with an awkward silence or worse, a look on their face that seems to ask, “What is WRONG with you?”