Episode 98

Nerdist Podcast

Cop Mustache

Nerdist Podcast #98: Cop Mustache

Chris wants to start a Bluegrass band, Jonah makes an announcement about his pilot and Matt responds maturely to Internet ire (he’s growing up, you guys!!). Plus, E3 wrap-ups! And Matt’s NASA tweet-up! AND NERDIST TV SHOW GUEST ANNOUNCED!

Post image provided by David Wood, who also made some kick-ass 8bit pieces of Steve Martin, Richard Pryor and Carlin. Click for a full-size image here to decorate your desktops and smartphones!

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  • Woah, all three of you just got a nice name check by Simon Pegg on twitter three hours ago! So he definitely was on the podcast, cat’s out of the bag!

  • This burrito was thoroughly enjoyed.

    I was in a fruit store for the first time yesterday to get my boss’ computer fixed. I could not believe how insane those places are. I couldn’t deal with that crap. Keep on keeping on, Matt.

  • Michael and Thomas Collins grew up with a father who would make them constantly compete for his affection and approval, causing a great deal of competition between the brothers. Growing up, Michael was the more popular of the two and was consistently at the top of his class. Thomas always did well, but was never as good as Michael (socially or academically). Because of this, The Elder Collins always favored Michael.

    As much as Thomas resented Michael, he was a slave to the desire to better his brother and earn his father’s approval. As such, Thomas followed in his brother’s footsteps, against the true desires of his heart, and became an astronaut. The pattern of their childhood continued throughout their careers, with Michael being always slightly better than his brother.

    Finally, when Michael was assigned to the Apollo 11 mission, Thomas resigned himself to forever being the inferior Collins. Thomas turned to the bottle to cope, and spun so far out of control that Michael began calling him Tom (reference to his drink of choice). Tom was able to hold his professional life together while his personal life became a blurry mess of jealousy and dissatisfaction. Shortly after his wife threatened to leave him, Tom volunteered for and was appointed to a rather routine mission. Tom never planned on returning.

    During the mission (when it was time to leave the capsule), Tom stepped through the door and floated in a most peculiar way (the stars looked very different that day). While he was in his “tin can” (far above the world), he saw how blue Planet Earth was, but realized there was nothing he could do. Even though he was past 100,000 miles, he felt very still. He knew his spaceship would know which way to go. He told ground control to tell his wife he loved her (ultimately, she knew this). Then his circuit went dead.

    Far beneath the ship, the world was mourning. They didn’t realize he was alive. No one understood what Tom saw. He was home.

    God, I went a long way just for that. Oh well.

  • One more before the penultimate which, in itself, preceeds the 100th episode!!! Which will be followed by disappointment due to overhype and pre-wetting of pants. :D This podcast is the best. Looking forward to listening to this. Cheers.

  • Vincent S are you privy to some information that is unknown to me? saying the 99th podcast will be the penultimate episode implies that the 100th will be the last ever. Is that happening? I don’t think so. I’m just being a dick about saying penultimate when it means next to last. I’m all for celebrating 100 awesome podcasts, actually, I would go so far as to say the podcasts are extremely vaginal.
    to make the last part of my post make some sort of sense.

  • Great episode. Very informative. I like when you guys discuss how to choose what path to take in life to be truly happy. It really informs a lot of how I view and choose opportunities in my life. Thank you, thank you a million times over. You guys are the coolest nerds around.

  • Matt, I know exactly how you feel when it comes to having to offering customer service to assholes. I work as an appliance sales men and whenever a customer has an issue, they seem to believe that I had something to do with it being assembled. I have to stand there while the get upset, sometimes screaming at me and just smile, which I find to be the best way to get them even more upset.

  • Okay, so I’m a ‘Liz’, and I’m from Canada, but I’m not ‘Liz from Canada’, just to get that straight right off the hop. (What hop? Who hops? I don’t know, it’s just something people say…at least in Canada.)

    The reason I mention where I’m from is that a) Canadians enjoy this burrito more than you know and, b) I’m going to be so bummed not to be able to see the new show on BBC America. BBC Canada, anyone? C’mon, you know we would bundle it up and keep it warm.
    (Le sigh.)

  • ^Nick

    :/ I need to read more dictionaries. penultiCenturian podcast? I dunno *brain farts*. Thanks for the youtube clip, everyone needs more vaginal praise.

    This podcast is… doubly vaginal.

    Sidenote: saw Bridesmaid tonyt. Laughed alot and enjoyed the “this is not Hangover” twist (there’s a better word than twist… dunno what it is). It really is a dude “chick movie”. I’d like to think Jonah’s praises had alot to do with me seeing it. Cheers.

  • Matt, it may be practical now, but mustaches as a sort of uniform or badge of belonging have been popular w/both police and firefighters for generations.
    Chuckling for no apparent reason after the ACTs might get you a wary look or two(most people will probably put it down to a release of nervous tension), but that made me think: it’s a good thing the current Pope didn’t opt to be another “Clement”, because you just know, sooner or later, some Nerdist devotee would end up getting the bum’s rush from the Swiss Guard for giggling uncontrollably all through an audience(it was tough enough not thinking of “Pope On A Rope” when I sang in front of the last one).

  • Super weird to be listening to this episode in my car on the way to work, have it finish, and then tune back to radio and hear Chris talking to Elliot! You’ve gotta love the power of radio – we had been talking about maybe going to the show tonight, and had sort of forgotten about it, but as soon as we got to the office I made my husband buy tickets :)

    Now I have to decide if I want to be comfortable and wear jeans, or be awesome and wear one of my many spandex superhero costumes…

  • Nerd Problem: (not word problem, those are awful!)

    So if there’s 9 calories in a gram of fat, and about 3500 calories in a pound of fat… how many pounds does Matt have to lose in order to remove a pixel block from the image?


  • Hi Matt! First, I need to thank you for providing the good example that enouraged me to give Slow-Carb/4 hour body a try. 9 days and 6.5 pounds lost, I think I’ve got a good start going… tomorrow is my 1st cheat day and I’m looking forward to it!!

    But, regarding the line of succession and the British monarchy – it’s not hard to grasp. Here goes:
    To determine the order of the heirs, you go through the monarchs children (and their children) in age order, with the males first, and then the females.

    So Charles is the first, becasue he is the eldest male, and he is followed by his two kids in age order (William and then Harry). Andrew is the next son of Elizabeth, and his two girls – the two with the crazy hats at the recent wedding – follow him. Queen Elizabeth’s third son Edward comes after that, and lastly Pricess Anne.

    If you want to know more, let me know. I can help. I am a british history nerd.

  • Hey, if I had an idea for a blog thread I’d like to contribute to the Nerdist, what’s the best way to contact you? Here’s a hint, it involves Doctor Who. ;-)

  • Hey Chris, could you please have Weird Al come back on the podcast to promote “Alpocolypse”? He’s one of my favorite guests so far and the new album would give him an excuse to come back on (though I doubt you need an excuse).

  • Hey guys,
    Just finished listening to this awesome hostful podcast. I felt it necessary to let Big C know that Hutts are hermaphroditic, as they have no sexual organs and their reproductive process is like that of annelid worms. Does this mean your bluegrass band will be full of androgynous members?

    Keep up the great work, guys!