Episode 96

Nerdist Podcast

Puns n' Roses

Nerdist Podcast #96: Puns N’ Roses

Jonah’s late but with good reason. PLUS! Disneyland dissection, flower emoticons, Russian bride spam, and the magic of Portlandia! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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  • So you said a couple weeks ago when you tape the podcast it would be like doing it live at Meltdown and you’d put the audio up like usual and cut the show for TV to an hour or so. So will the two be separate? Like one will be the normal Nerdist Podcast live (where you’d buy the tickets off the Meltdown website) and the other will be a live podcast plus having the cameras there for the TV show and you have to request them online?

  • Portlandia is pretty good, they do, however, use every stereotype imaginable as a comedy crutch, and yes, I know, that’s how comedy works, but take note, everyone, most Portlanders are not just insufferable people who hate everything and are impossible to wait on. We also protest Nike every day. :)