Episode 95

Nerdist Podcast

Jeri Ryan

Nerdist Podcast #95: JERI RYAN

Holy craps! Jeri Ryan is simply the coolest. EVER. Super super smart, nice, funny and bee-YOO-tee-ful! On this ep we chat about Star Trek, autopsies, food, and weird mouth noises. We bow to her awesometasticness!

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  • Im a vegetarian…….just so you know i don’t care weather you are or not…..just so you know. oh and also THIS WAS A FUCKING GREAT EPISODE……like all of them

  • Mary Roach (author of Stiff, Packing for Mars, etc.) would be a great podcast guest. She did a couple of nice MaxFun turns on the Sound of Young America and Jordan, Jesse, Go!

  • Ah… that was quite satisfying! Hilarious, informative, and just down-right fun… like a long talk with good friends (which I suppose it was)! Also, I like the second take on the end promo… after I quelled the Studio Board Operator instinct to mock you for it, I really appreciated the aural aesthetic of the clean stop/re-start!

  • Well done Big-C (is this nickname still relevant)! Another killer episode/podcast/airing/wax-recording. Jeri has made me become painfully aware of my twangy Nashville accent.

  • author

    Alfonso: Ha! I was dang tired when I posted this last night. The sad part is, I heard that I did that and then re-exported a correct version and then clearly trashed it. *facepalm* Re-uploading! Enjoy your behind the scenes “blooper” as Dick Clark called it in the 80s.

  • This was such a great episode! I now love Jeri Ryan and you need to bring her back. And Wil Wheaton. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Tears, Chris. You guys made me laugh to tears.

    And the nerd in me wants you and Matt Mira to know that animals eat their own placenta for nutrition and to aid in lactation. You know, when you have a litter of 6 kittens/puppies/whatevers, you need all the help you can get. :)
    And, potentially, they eat it to not endanger their babies because the smell could attract predators.

    Still totally gross when humans do it. I did contemplate planting a tree over mine? my son’s? I don’t know who the placenta actually belongs to… Just because I think giving my son a tree for his birthday is kind of awesome. But in the end we did not do it. Yay for medical waste.