Episode 93

Nerdist Podcast

Robert Kirkman

Nerdist Podcast #93: ROBERT KIRKMAN

Recorded at NerdMelt in front of 120 Zombiphiles! Kirkman talks “Walking Dead”, Image Comics, and we invent the soon-to-be hot new fetish “Sasquatching”. PLUS a very special guest drops by! Like, a REALLY good one. HINTS: 1) it’s a human, 2) it’s a “he”, 3) it’s not Johann Gutenberg.


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  • YES YES YES!! I stayed up waiting for this to come up, Robert Kirkman is my hero! He created one of my favorite short lived comics “Battle Pope” and everything he touches is pretty great. Thanks for this kick ass podcast…now to listen to it.

  • Hi, I’m Matt Blackwood.
    Today’s very special Nerdist podcast deals with sensitive subject matter such as auto-erotic asphyxiation and “sasquatching”. Parents might want to preview the podcast before letting their children listen, so they’ll be more ready to answer any sasquatch related questions that might come up.
    If YOU have any questions about sasquatching or other topics discussed in the show, please visit your local library’s help desk and ask for Susan.
    If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, ask your doctor before sasquatching.
    Thank you, and enjoy the show.