Episode 88

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #88: ACID PARTY

Matt Mira talks about his first open mic at Meltdown! Bill-n-Ted-Talks! Rave music and you! Photosynth! A highly informative hostful episode indeed.

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  • Great episode Big C! You know Chris, if you want to get back at them for that, be like it’s Big C and his band of merry men(I couldn’t thing of my own name for them). Give them the side kick name equivalent of Big C. And when you guys do make your permeant offices there you should totally have video camera set up to show the whole process of building it up and speed it up and put it on the youtube page.

  • This is the first time you guys managed to throw me onto the verge of depression… But not with a bad episode (never witnessed such a phenomenon on this site), but with your amazement that there was once something called a ‘tele-play’. It shames me to admit that my country’s only film school still has a whole semester dedicated to – ‘tele-plays’! It just makes me feel like a Commodore 64 (possibly charming and with some nostalgic value, but completely useless in today’s society)

  • Hey, love the podcast, hostful and guested alike. I noticed Kevin Pereira (Yes, I had to Google the spelling) was on Joe Rogan’s Podcast, and I was curious as to why he has yet to be on yours. It seemed like you three and him would create a perfect show… just a thought. Looking forward to Nerdist at ComicCon!

  • Thanks for the whole freaking one person out thing. I was not expecting you to say Sarah and I jumped in my seat each time i listen to it. That’s now my ringtone. But really though, thanks :D

  • Hey Chris, thank you Jonah and Matt so much for all the free entertainment you put out for your fans. Everyweek you provide us with 2 even 3 podcast a week. Your show puts me in such a good mood. I’m so inspired by The Nerdist podcast and it encouraged me to get on stage at Matt Mira’s Day Off. It had been 4 years since I last performed at any open mic. This was by far a better experience since I last tried. I owe you so much.

    Screw all the whiners complainers and nit pickers who meticulously criticize the audio quality, the guest, or whatever else they bitch about. You don’t have to defend anything. Just keep doing what you’re doing because your real fans appreciate you.

    P.S. So I don’t make this a complete suck fest…I was so sure I would have won the bet I made with my GF that I would have the most ethnic name at MMDO until Kumail Nanjiani dropped in.

    Sincerely your’s
    Ramon Hernandez

  • Another great podcast, Big C! I must agree with Jonah, I myself never got into Star Trek. Then again, I never got into Star Wars either. I’m an asshole, I know..
    Anyhoo, since you mentioned Olivia Wilde… I have an idea about another really hot nerd you should have on your podcast – Kristen Bell!!! Seriously, she HAS to be on Nerdist. Otherwise, you don’t deserve such a glorious nickname as Big C!
    Also, don’t you think House kinda started sucking around the time when Olivia Wilde came on? Not because of her, of course, but I thought that first 3 seasons are much better, and I stopped watching after last season ended – it now seems more like Grey’s Anatomy, less like House.

  • Hey guys,

    Just wanted to comment that one of my favorite podcasts (who shall remain nameless, but I’ve listened to them for over 1000 episodes) recently got really heavy into doing soundboard stuff (sound effects, segment sound titles, random music). They used to only play listener-submitted jokey effects and only rarely. Now it’s just an endless cacophony of noise and, in my opinion, really cheapened the “podcast” experience because it’s kind of morphed into a talk radio show.

    What’s the difference? Well since the early days of audio podcasting, almost all of them had the same format: MAYBE some intro/outro music, one or two people casually chatting about a thing that people like, an a loose line-up of topics. Some major podcasts like TWiT and others have of course gone to a much more “pro” setup, but to me that’s just talk radio pushed through RSS.

    I really love the format that you guys have. To me the “classic startup podcast” has a great listenability that puts more traditional formats to shame.

    My 2 cents!

  • Just as previous Sarah mentioned, it made me jump when you started calling out Sarah. For a brief moment I was overloaded with questions about reality, whether or not this is all a dream, and if I’m real. Thanks guys!

  • Hell Yea!
    You’re gonna have Robert Kirkman on the show! I can’t wait, I’m a huge fan! Just try not to make the whole show about zombies, he does other awesome stuff too, like “Invincible” which is pretty much the perfect super-hero comic. Also he’s a partner at Image comics and I’m sure he has tons of interesting insight on the comics industry.

    ….oh, and also, you guys are awesome!

  • Yet another Sarah freaked out when you started talking to me in the middle of Target. Between that and Chris crooning “Almost Paradise ” it was easily the most swoon-worthy episode yet.

  • Loved the Margaret Thatcher mix at the end!
    When I think of Margaret Thatcher the Iron Baroness, I think of candyflipping at a rave.

    M.C. M.T.