Episode 86

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #86: DANA DEARMOND

One of our pals from way back, Dana Dearmond–aka “The Internet’s Girlfriend”–is an adult film lady who also happens to be a HUGE gamer and comedy nerd. Not surprisingly we discuss games, comedy and Dana’s appearance in the upcoming “Star Trek: The Next Generation” porn parody [18 & older, please].

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  • Can’t wait to hear this one! An honest, down-to-earth, no-judgment discussion podcast with an adult film star (heck, knowing your podcast, you may not even discuss her career choice) should be a fascinating and enjoyable listen! I’m downloading it now, and I look forward to listening!

  • Actually, scratch that… knowing your podcast, you’ll totally discuss it, yet it’ll still be completely honest and non-judgmental. I look forward to it!

    Point is, Nerdist and Chris Hardwick + Matt & Jonah make the best awesome, beyond Q&A way to get to know a human being, no matter what they do.

  • Big C. That was a great episode. No but really this show made my day, good way to relax before finals being. On the upside, I’ll be working at Nerdmelt this summer so there’s that!!

  • Hey guys ! Thanks for the great podcast.

    Actually the facebook grandma filter idea was also done in a sketch on SNL.
    Unfortunately I can’t recall which episode, but I’m almost positive it’s from the current season.
    It’s funny to see good joke ideas pop up around the same time in different shows.

  • It is interesting to hear Chris have the same problem in the E/G4 building that Carolla. It is hard to tell if service is bad when Carolla complains about something, since he complains about everything.