Episode 74

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #74: SILLY TITLES

Chris sees Anthony Michael Hall (in the hall), Jonah is slowly healing and Matt gets an inversion table.

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  • I love you guys. You make me laugh and think. Hopefully I will get some capital so I can sponsor a Podcast, but it’s just too much as of now. keep up the Lords of Kobol’s work …

  • I read it as “Billy Titles” at first, so I was hoping for it to be some sort of mutation of the noodle stories meme (yeah, I’m calling it a meme. It oughtta be a meme) wherein you devise bitchin’ 80’s rock video scenarios and give them badass names, kind of like how Billy Idol’s videos were bitchin’ and had badass titles. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet so… fingers crossed…

    I’m joking. I have no fingers.

  • If you’re looking for a great British series check out Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. It’s a series you have to see all the way through, because it is the only mystery based series that ever resolves in a completely satisfactory way. It starts a little slow, but ultimately is perfect. Plus there are some great actors you’ll recognize from Doctor Who.

  • I’ve sent a shit load of nerdist episodes out to my friend Taylor in Afghanistan, and I know for a fact those cd’s have made their way around the base so you guys probably have alot of fans out there.

  • Wow! Thanks again guys for such the support again on the nerdist cartoon. Really glad you guys liked the title cards… Still trying to find someone to either create music for the title cards or find music that I can legally put behind it….its harder than it seems at the moment but will still trying to look around.

  • I did the same as Dean, Reilly, and Ivan. Great show, but funny-looking breastseses would have been more hilarious than the “Silly Tiles” gag, no offense.

    Maybe by mid-July Obama will get impeached for going to war with Libya without Congress’s approval. Then he will be free to become co-host (fingers crossed!).

  • Matt, my girlfriend was willing to make a life sized Mars NASA ROVER cake to auction off for proceeds to your table. Oh well maybe a TARDIS cake cake for Chris or a TV Party cake for Jonah with Hawaii 5-0 accents.

    I have written a short screenplay for the Nerdist and I am currently working on artwork with friends to make a motion comic A La MGS digital Graphic Novel or Buffy Season 8. Anyone wanna help?

  • I just wanted to say how awesome you guys are. I look forward every week, now twice a week, to listening to the three of you with or without guests. I was inspired a while ago to start a podcast and now am finally getting it underway. Thanks for being so forthcoming with how easy it is to just get out there and do things. Soon as its up and going I will be sure to let you know.
    PS- Can’t wait to hopefully see Chris on his new tour and am in the process of making a costume to wear. It will be a superhero style suit with the symbol on the chest being the Nerdist laser symbol.

  • Funny, I listened to this, and then saw that a new episode of THE SOUP was on the DVR, so suddenly I had an explanation for the Anthony Michael Hall, transvestites and choir that made silent cameos in the podcast.

  • @Jarrett – The music is composed on a tracker program of some kind (Little Sound DJ for Gameboy is a good example of what that might look like) and frequently run it on an actual console (NES/Commodore/GB) in order to attain the most faithful tone.

    If a console isn’t available to them, they may sometimes emulate the console on a computer or use a program like MilkyTracker to play the pre-programmed music.

    In either case, the band frequently accompanies with synth, guitar, drums, and/or bass.

  • Hey Chris, good news, there’s actually three seasons of Survivors. Not sure if the third season is out as a standalone box set, but it might be in the complete series box set (which would be logical but studios LIE) or you might be able to find it through…other means.

  • I enjoyed listening to Ferriss. I get overwhelmed easily, but I really appreciated his commentary to on how to achieve a goal. I love his approach…it’s methodical and focused. Baby steps.

    In regards to shows without a satisfying resolution…I don’t watch anything until it’s 2 seasons in… it’s my safety net way of watching tv.

  • Hey guys…I finally broke down and DVR’ed Web Soup for the first time. Chris, you are very funny and I’ve been a fan of the podcast for many months now….but I do think your video getters need to make sure there no overlap w Tosh because there was a bunch…AND NOT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT…it discredits the uniqueness of each of your shows. Anyways, keep up the great work.

    Check my blog at if you like funny, thought-provoking commentary on life. Or don’t :)


  • I can never quite figure out your email (if you say it I am driving while listening and can’t write it down and I forget to go back and listen). Anyway, sorry if this is a lot in one comment. 1. Where is Anna’s Taqueria? Or however you spell it. I keep putting it into yelp and google maps and such and it comes up with a name but doesn’t actually show me where it is. 2. Hooray, I realize Meltdown Comics is fairly close to me as I pass it by on some of my daily walks, so I can come to some of your stuff 3. Matt, hold out on your disk operation if you can till you lose about 100lbs + to see if it takes the pressure off. A lot of times back surgery is not very effective and people have bulging disks all the time and never feel it. So it might look like it’s connected, but it might not be. Often the loss of excess weight, exercise and even yoga will cure most peoples pains. (I do therapeutic massage, not that it makes me an expert, but just what I have seen happen over time. I emailed about this but I was never sure I sent it to the correct email address) 4. Kevin, I think your publisher needs to read your book. I pre-ordered it and yet it won’t come out till October/ November. They seem to be procrastinating, don’t you think? I ordered it at the same time I ordered Pearls Before Swine newest compilation. Now it’s on hold with your book for delivery date… a fine pairing of an order I do believe. 5. I number stuff because I am a bit ADD and it is how I manage stuff. I hope that makes me a nerd. 6. I love Noodle Stories… though only on my Free Days as I can’t have them on my Slow Carb Diet.
    7. I might actually go back to getting cable, in which case I can DVR Web Soup instead of looking at clips. Hooray. 8. The End, for now.

  • author

    Mike: Did it occur to you that they might be overlapping with us? I don’t know what videos Tosh shows. I’ve never watched his show. We pick the ones we like and write our li’l bits, which I assume are different. Maybe it’s because I’m a comedy nerd, but I can watch two different comics tell jokes about the same thing because I like seeing alternate takes on a premise. If this bothers you, then don’t watch both shows, I guess! And don’t go on the Internet, where you might be in danger of seeing a thing you may have already seen.

    Blair! Excellent list! But who’s “Kevin”?

    Zach: THREE SEASONS OF SURVIVORS??? This is good news indeed.

  • PLEASE tell Matt to look into Vax-D! DO NOT GET SURGERY UNLESS IT’S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! It can really mess up your back for life. Vax-D is like inversion but it’s a motorized stretching of the discs to help facilitate the needed capillary action to get nutrients into them.