Episode 72

Nerdist Podcast

Bionic Arm

Nerdist Podcast #72: Bionic Arm

I don’t feel like writing a description! How about that business?? You wanna know what happened on this episode??? WE TALKED ABOUT STUFF. The end.

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  • I love the episode description. and it makes me even more interested in listening. Not that I wouldn’t have listened if you gave a beautiful epic poem of a description but the simplicity and clear apathy made me laugh.

  • I have a quemment. It might sound a little bad at first but I think overall it speaks to what truly good person Chris seems to be. Here it is: I used to watch Singled Out. I liked Chris on it even though I knew I probably shouldn’t like the show. I watched it, and I like Chris and then the show went away or I stopped watching, or whatever. At that point Chris kind of fell off my radar. I probably saw him in this or that, but it didn’t really register. When Web Soup came out I was a big fan of The Soup. So when they announced a spin off I wondered if the new host would be able to hold up to the show that Joel McHale had raised the standard on so much. When they announced Chris Hardwicke, I intuitively thought, “Oh good, I like him.” I couldn’t remember why, but I knew the show was in good hands. I wasn’t wrong, thanks for all your work. Now I’m a huge fan of the podcast. Keep it up all of you.

  • I disagree with Chris, BTTF Part II is a great bridge movie between parts I and III, and is especially fun in how it revisits the first with a new angle. But I can understand listing it as the lesser of the three.

  • I love all the brit shows and comics you guys have been mentioning lately. Say someting nice about Richard Ayoade and my head will complete its explosion.

  • Fun facts:

    The monster in Frankenstein had a name. It was Adam.

    Benedict Cumberbatch turned down the role of being the new Doctor. Matt Smith is eternally grateful.

  • Chris, you’ve gotta stop being so openly and aggressively dismissive about sports and all talk related to it. Being a nerd is about having an open mind and delving into all avenues of life with an intellectual curiosity. I totally respect Matt for copping to liking sports and even John Mayer. He really does have some brilliant older songs with extremely thoughtful lyrics, unheard of chords progressions, and acoustic rhythms. Insecure people are just so wrapped up in being “hipster” or alt to appreciate that sometimes the truly artistic can make it into the mainstream.

    Listen to ESPN’s Bill Simmons podcast with Patton Oswalt. Sports nerds idolize these warriors of the field like super heros, attaching story lines and sensationalism to the events that take place.

    City vs. City=planet vs. planet, good vs evil. The sport nerd and the comic nerd are one in the same.

    -Charlie Kealy

  • author

    charlie! I did say I would have an open mind about John Mayer. As far as sports, no I don’t gotta! Matt can like all the sports he wants and I love him for that but sports will never be a part of this show because I hate them. Sawry!


    That having been said, I may be open minded enough to get someone to cover sports nerdery for the site.

  • ♦@B Engelbert Humperdinck was a real guy but his name was made up –
    ♦I totally cried like a girl (wait I am a girl) @ the DW Ten finale & I liked TW you just gotta watch it and you’ll get into it.
    ♦So I have a 12 year old son and he HATES the Rebbecca Black song, I refuse to listen to tweeny pop music so I have no opinion!
    ♦CONGRATS to Matt on your dieting progress! Did you take some before & after pics??

  • I love visiting the Sport Renaissance Faire. All the fans dressed in their throwback 80’s jerseys, downing beers and hitting on the cheerleader maidens that get doused by beers. Oh the smell of stail beer and nachos wafting in the air.

  • It would be awesome to see Max Brooks on the podcast! To hear you guys nerd out over the do’s and dont’s of the coming zombie apocalypse would be a dream come true!

  • To you two sports haters, do you have a problem with all forms of athletic competition? What about other competitions (gaming tournaments, poker, chess, etc)?

    Matt is awesome for talking about what he likes even when he has to know he’ll get picked on for it. Go Matt!

  • *even though I’m not asking a question, I’m singing the quement jingle in my head right now*
    Because I’m from England, we haven’t had David Tennant as Dr Who for ages, and I’m definitely still getting over it. Actually, I’m still getting over Rose’s departure. But I am also excited because I’m seeing DT and Catherine Tate (Donna) in a Shakespeare play this summer, so that will be awesome!
    Bloody love this podcast btw.

  • Loved the episode. Great energy and some skillful singing. I’m so jealous Chris got to see the Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein. Saw a trailer for it and it looks awesome. Too bad I live too far away (in Estonia) to get to see it.

    Also, love that Tweaked Audio is so cool with it’s customers. Makes me even more glad that I got their ear buds… which work like a miracle, btw.

  • Double-earwormed, oh no! First you got me with that insidious ‘Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell’ song, and then again with the Quemment song. As a simple act of revenge I ask that you stop…collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention.

  • Can you guys tell me Noodle Stories on the Hostful episodes please? If not, my birthday is April 8th so maybe you can do a full podcast of JUST Noodle Stories!

  • I totally meant “tell more Noodle Stories”, not just tell _me_ Noodle Stories. I’m not selfish. I’m totally willing to share the Noodle Stories with everyone else.

  • Great episode! I’m a little worried because I think I’m starting to enjoy the Hostful podcasts even more than the ones with guests. Just out of curiosity, will we ever see a Mike Phirman episode? Also, I’m currently typing this on the cramped little screen of my ipod touch (1st gen) and was just wondering if you (any of you yous out there reading this) would it be worth getting an ipad 2 now or wait a while or just go for an original ipad? Thanks, keep making great stuff like this :)

  • I was listening to the podcast at work and kept literally laughing out loud. People thought I was crazy! I’m so jealous that Jonah gets to go through the viscious cycle of emotions that is watching Doctor Who for the first time. Its only been a year since I started, but I’ve seen all of New Who and some old and wish I could go back and start again.
    How do you guys live without Chick-fil-a?!? I live in Atlanta and Chick-fil-a is a staple, practically the only fast food I ever eat.

  • Quemment: I’m relatively new to Doctor Who. I actually started last year with Matt Smith’s brilliance, but I only cared for the overall story arc and not the individual episodes. Too monster-of-the-week for me, but my nerdy fiancee implored me to watch all of the new stuff. By the time I got to the end of the 10th Doctor, she stopped watching with me. Why? “He turned into a little bitch. All he did was whine about not wanting to go.” And she loves David Tennant! I have to agree. When he went, I wasn’t teary-eyed. He was selfish. It’s like the Doctor degenerated before he regenerated. For someone who had already gone through that process nine time, he’s kind of pathetic about it.

    But then I watched Torchwood. Series 1, not so good. Series 2 is quite a bit more interesting. Children of the Earth? Get on that shit. In my humble opinion, it makes you a lesser science fiction fan if you haven’t seen it. Skip the rest of Torchwood and just watch it.

  • I have a quemment for Jonah Ray. About zombies. Can zombies starve to death? If your immediate answer is ‘no’, hear me out. Zombies pretty much only exist (theoretically) to devour us. And our families. Why would they have a killer instinct to eat any living thing they can find if it wasn’t necessary? If they couldn’t starve, then they would have no reason to eat people. Just something to think about, and I would love to see your answer, or if you have a way to shoot down my argument, I would love to hear it :)

  • CHRIS YOU REPLIED! yeah I just came home from a really great first date last night and I quit smoking cigs a couple weeks ago. that’s the only thing i can think of why i was so passionately spearheading a sports-mayer campaign.

    anyhoo great show.

  • I saw Frankenstein—I think the same screening as Chris, so high five, Chris!—and will second the amazement. One of the best interpretations of the novel I’ve ever seen, dead-on to the source material but, by following the creature through the story rather than the good doctor, it put a unique and captivating spin on it. Also, the music and stagecraft is incredible. They seem to be adding new shows at a lot of theaters, so no excuses!

    There’s other companies that do the live screenings, like the Metropolitan Opera, and every time I’ve gone to one, it’s been amazing. Cheapest tickets to the opera around…