Episode 64

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #64: BURGER SALAD

The guys all realize they’re much better off than they thought they were. *cue Wonder Years theme*

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  • Hey, Love the show… number one fan in kuwait… though i have a feeling that im not competing with many here..but do not despair.. oh Mighty Nerdist.. Nerdism will be Unleashed.. working on it.. just as soon as I unleash Doctor Who here.. !! Until then.. keep doing what you do.. Great show..

  • I want the opening song as a ringtone! Excited to see Chris at the Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee, MA April 8th for my birthday! Had Doug Benson there last year, this year Chris…best 2 bdays in a row since I was 8 and got my mini cassette player and Puffalump – holla at my 80’s childhood!

  • You guys are a ton of fun to listen to. I’m a fairly new listener, but I’ve really liked the 10 or so shows I’ve had the chance to listen to. By the way, those were some awesome vocal skills in the end of this last episode.

    Recently I’ve been enjoying a lot of TV/radio from the UK, and I was wondering if you dudes have any favorites from across the pond. “Peep Show” and “The IT Crowd” are two of my favorite comedies. “That Mitchell and Webb Look” (tv sketch comedy) and “That Mitchell and Webb Sound” (radio sketch comedy…..with some of that old timey radio theatre feeling) are brilliant too. There’s also a ton of panel shows in the UK, like “QI (Quite Interesting)” featuring Stephen Fry and some of the most random facts. And I especially dig “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” which is one-half music, one-half washed-up pop star, and three-sixteenths silliness.

    Peace out