Episode 63

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #63: WIL. WHEATON.

Wil. Whea. Ton. FINALLY. Never before heard stories of young Wil and young Chris: Strippers! D&D! Surgery! Saucy Picard! This episode will smear goodness onto the walls of your entertainment gland.

This episode was sponsored by Falcon Northwest Computer Systems!

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  • Amazing episode!

    I do not want to be one of those demanding fans. But I think the quicker you get Wil back on the podcast, they happier Nerdist fans will be.

    Kudos to everyone involved.

  • Great episode! One of my favorite Wil stories is when he’s teaching one of his sons to drive (I think it was Ryan) where he asks him “What’s the first rule of driving?” and he replies “Don’t be a dick?” Wil says, “Well, yes that’s a rule, but the first rule is everyone on the road is trying to kill you.” Both are really good rules to live by.

    This is a great ep b/c these are all new stories that I haven’t heard before!! Chris, you have a magnificent talent of getting stories that your guests haven’t repeated time and time again. Kudos to all of you.

  • This podcast made me happy.

    So true about sharing star trek with a parent. Used to watch original Star Trek on the weekends (syndicated reruns) with my dad as a kid. It was on thing, perhaps the only thing, that we could relate to each other over.

    Jump forward past the terrible teen years and I was serving overseas in the military at a remote duty station. In those pre-internet days if you were isolated – you were really isolated. We depended on the mail, Stars and Stripes, or the occasional expensive phone call to keep up with the world and family.

    My dad started sending vhs tapes of this new series called Next Generation. They made new Star Trek! The mail was slow and unpredictable. I’d get a tape in and an party would be thrown. Didn’t matter what time of day (if we weren’t on duty). A group would gather round, and we’d all watch. It didn’t matter if you were a Trek fan or not. People would watch just to see a tape of TV from home; commercials for products we missed, food that we couldn’t get (pizza!), promos for television shows we’d never heard of, news teasers for events that made no sense, and so on.

    So I’ll always have fond memories of Wil Weaton, Next Generation, Diana Troi’s cleavage, and my dad taking the time to tape that show for his son and his buddies half way round the world.


  • author

    Everyone thank you a million times a million!!!

    This ep was beyond fun for all of us. We’ll have Double Dubs–as I recently started calling him–back on for sure.

    Mr (or Mrs) BigDickJones: we don’t try too hard to do anything. we are who we are!

  • I have no idea what Mr. (or Mrs.) BigDickJones is talking about. You two seemed so naturally funny together. You and all your friends are awesome! And on a different subject, did they give a date for the Gallifrey One thing to air on Ferguson yet?

  • Freaking Amazing! It was so good to finally get Wil on the podcast. As a kid who grew up in a bowling alley (not bowling center) , watched TNG 5 days a week and used a video toaster in high school to edit the school TV network this podcast was like a melding of impossible awesomeness the likes of VADER PUSSY!!!! Keep up the great work, you guys are an inspiration to all of us creative nerd/dorks everywhere! That was a good burrito sir!!!!

  • Holy crap, this episode is SUCH A DELIGHT! You and Will chatting just had me grinning all morning.

    Also, if you are unaware, there is a musical written about Bat Boy called “Bat Boy the Musical” and it is especially fantastic and hilarious. Just thought you should know as you’re such a fan of the bat child.

  • Chris,

    I stumbled on this site a day ago via Sarah silvermans’ site and I have listened to about 1/3 of the podcasts (Currently on vacation, not a creepy basement leper). I want to really really really thank you guys for this. You are the missing link in the alt comic movement that I’ve been devouring recently. I’ve netflixed and watched all of comedians of comedy (Troubadour, El Ray, Movie, TV). I’ve been moved to devour the entire LA alt comic scene and until I found this site I didn’t realize there was a hub.

    You are that hub sir. Each spoke of comedic gold somehow connects to you (You’ve known Zach Galifianakis and Brian Posehn and Maria Bamford and Patton Oswalt for a decade) and I was completely ignorant of this fact. Then, I heard this podcast and you were fucking roommates with Wil Wheaton!?!?!?

    At the same time I’m trying to intake as much of the LA/ALT Comic scene as possible I’m trying to watch ST: TNG from 1st to last season and relive my childhood nerdy obsession chronologically. So another spoke protrudes from the hub and connects to another related, albeit remotely, love of mine. You are the center of a venn diagram of Awesome!

    I knew you from G4 vaguely but I mostly browse the G4 site and only watch the feed (Sorry but Cheaters, Cops, and Ninja Warrior reruns are all I get to see on the channel because I work night shift and only watch during he morning. They tend to blend into a blur of people running constantly). I do love G4, as it stands as a beacon to all types of nerds. Yet again, you are connected to something awesome that I love.

    I just read Patton Oswalts book and he spoke of playing D&D (Another favorite past time of mine) with friends and I naturally assumed Brian Posehn was one of the players but I was intensly curious as to who was awesome enough to play D&D with my favorite comics. All was revealed when you did your podcast with Brian and again you’re the missing connection.

    At this point I’m rambling and basically saying you’re awesome by proxy, but the quality of your podcasts and your sense of humor are great. I LOVE the fact that you ask about every comedians processes for writing. I am that kind of nerd who likes to categorize comedic styling’s and understand the inner workings of their acts. You engage each guest in a very slick, entertaining, informative way that could never be done on television (Not to dis the classic Late Night format, I love Conan). I even love that Falcon is your sponsor for Christ sakes!

    At this point I’m creeping everyone out by gushing like a fanboy but I sincerly enjoy your podcast and wish you and your team, who are also hilarious, the best in the world. I’ve become a HUGE fan of yours in a matter of two days. If you come within the vicinity of Harrisburg PA, Baltimore MD, or Philadelphia PA, I will pay whatever you charge to see you live and support your act. Again, thank you.

  • It’s rare I listen to a podcast.

    Rarer still if I listen to one, that I listen to it all the way through.

    Even rarer yet that I pay attention to every bit of it if I listen all the way through.

    This podcast had me riveted, completely laughing my guts up.

    Thank you. This was just completely excellent in every way.

  • That was so Vader Pussy, one of my favorite episodes to date! I grew up watching TNG and loved Wil’s character. Data was my favorite and I actually have LT Commander pips tattooed on my lower neck.


  • That was 1:49:02 of pure awesome. Thanks for getting together and giving that to the world for free. Wish I could have witnessed it in person.

    I was told once that “remember when (?) is the lowest form of conversation”, but as you realize that you’ve known someone for a decent chunk of your life, and you get together on occasion to just catch up, it reminds you why you still return to those days and giggle uncontrollably until you can’t breathe.

    I just listened to that, between two people I only know by the media they produce, and laughed right along.

    Again, heartfelt thanks for getting Wil on, tackling it live, and making it an event. Definitely a keeper.

  • Finally got round to listening to this on my dreary 2 hour commute this morning. I would like to thank you for getting me practically thrown off my quiet 7 am train due to random outbursts of giggles and laughter not normally appreciated at that time of the morning.

    Could easily have listened to another 2 hours of that podcast and not once have felt bored.

  • I was a proud owner of an autographed Wil Wheaton book. After this Podcast I am an uberproud owner. What an awesome delight to hear him reference the HYDRATUBES!! Being from Eugene I rode those tubes but had long since forgot them. Thanks for all the free brain tickles. (Wow, what a creepy message…)

  • Imagine me, on my lunch break, sitting in my car, iPod headphones on. LAUGHING MY BUM OFF. The looks I got by people passing by was classic. One even knocked on my window asking if I was okay. I told them I was, but honestly, I may have peed a little.

  • I work in Washington, and just wanted you to know I used the phrase “Well, that’s like fucking a snake out of a cage” in response to a lobbyist’s ridiculous suggestion in a meeting yesterday. And last night, I saw him at a party, and overheard him using the phrase — in response to something totally different, but nonetheless, he thought it wise/cool/awesome enough to repeat.

  • I remember the movie Fag Hag because my bf-at-the-time worked for Troma Team Video and would design the DVD covers (I designed one as well, so that’s my Troma claim to “fames”) and they wanted Wil on the cover really big since he was the only famous person in the movie.