Episode 60

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #60: HOSTFUL!


The lads chat about death, Mexican food and the Police Academy cartoon.

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  • I have to say Chris only 5 minutes in, but I can’t believe a whole year has passed since the first episode. I downloaded it the day it came out. I don’t watch football and after I listened to the first episode I was like this show is FUCKING AWESOME!!! You need to make Slide Whistle shirts. And I also wanted to punch you because you meet Thom Yorke (even if “this interview is over” still rings in your head ever time you think of him). But love the show and I will listen to it till you stop doing or die. Whatever comes first. Keep it up! Also did you get tickets for the Red State Movie Q&A thing at the Wiltern?

  • I’ve really enjoyed the Nerdist podcasts. So thanks to all three of you for some excellent entertainment.

    I’m curious what your favorite episodes were from the first year? For me it was one of the earliest really stands out – Drew Carey.

    Here’s to another great year!

  • I can’t believe it’s been a year. I must things have improved greatly. Especially since you guys started doing the hostful podcasts recently. I really like the e-mails and questions from my fellow nerds. It amazes me how much smarter people are than I am! The podcast definitely makes me feel better after a shitty day, so I thank all of you wonderful guys for doing that. Can’t wait to hear the next hostful episode. :)

  • YES. I have to work late tonight and listening to this is going to make my evening less stressful. Impeccable timing, good sirs. It’s almost as if the stars were lined just right… you are my density…

  • Yay S2! This calls for a new batch of shirts!

    I only discovered this podcast late last fall when Chris mentioned it on Chelsea Lately. Originally I had just cherry picked a few eps to DL but after listening to the first few minutes of the 1st one I was sold. Immediately downloaded all the remaining eps and have been loving every single on of them since then.

    You’ve also got me into other podcasts too (Pod F. Thomcast and Sklarboro Country).

    Happy Anniversary nerds!

  • Man I’m pretty baked and you guys just had to mention gorillas walking upright.

    I listened to the whole podcast from that point on watching videos of gorillas who walk like people.

    Thanks assholes.
    Great show.

  • Matthew – I’m sorry to nerd out about this (I am not proud I am writing this), but “The Single Guy” was NOT on Tuesdays on NBC. It was on Thursdays after “Friends” for a year and a half, then was moved to Wednesdays at 8:30pm ET in March 1997. It was cancelled in May of that year.

    Again, I’m sorry I am writing this because I love the podcast and don’t want to sound like I’m bitching about the small things. It’s just being a TV Geek, what you said set off my “must correct wrong information” alarm.

    Thanks for your time Matthew. Have a great day.

    P.S. If you watched “Must See TV” on NBC, I would think you’d be a “Boston Common” fan.

  • I too was in from the first first show and still have every episode on my computer, I even go back and listen to the old ones from time to time. I can’t believe its been a year. Keep up the great work, I’m really enjoying the second episode every week. I gotta remember to e-mail my questions for a future podcast.

  • I can’t top the Megaman 2 ringtone, but speaking of 8-bit, I got the Space Quest 1 theme transferred to my phone (after much finagling… darn you modern conveniences!), so I get to relive my sense of wonder as an 8 year-old every time someone calls me (I was only one when it came out, but my brother somehow got a copy years later that we played the heck out of). Although, come to think of it, my phone is on silent 99% of the time, so what’s the point, really?

  • Huzzah! The Nerdist Podcast is 2.
    Listened to every episode atleast 3 times.
    S1 favorites Donald Glover, Kevin Smith, Comedians You Should Know, and Matt Smith.

    Really looking forward to S2.
    Any chance for a Simon Pegg episode around the release of Paul?

  • You should totally get Ben Folds for the podcast!

    I’ve seen him six times and I’m a huge fan of his. Would probably be my favorite episode of all if you guys did it.

  • also i love when you guys get really punchy and start breaking into song about things. delightful.

    useless information: my ringtone is that clip of sting as interpreted by family guy (where you can only understand the chorus….. “bozabadeeebo hamoneemona stabodaba BRAND NEW DAAAY.”)

  • This is an actual comment from one of the post on the youtube video in which Matt gets hit by the golf cart.

    “He’s not an idiot, he’s a legend. Gets the cart unstuck (he knows he’s the biggest guy and can use his weight), takes the cart hitting him in a funny way, doesn’t moan and bitch about it. No way mate, this man is awesome.”

    Truer words have never been spok… typed. Most people would just be bitching and crying with a cart on top of them.

  • First things first, congrats on a great first year and keep up the good work. You guys are awesome and I love the podcast.

    Second, can you put a link (with your affiliate stuff) to your new sponsor, and any other sponsors you’re picking up.

    Third, is there any way you can give us the TARDIS ring tone? I’m catching up on Doctor Who per your suggestion, and it’s as awesome, if not more so, than I expected. I’d love to have that ringtone for my own phone.

    Fourth and finally, is there any information on who David Tennant’s manager or agent is? I’m sure if we had that information we could start an email campaign to get him on the Podcast. You’ve got an army here, and we’re willing to be used to get what we want.

    Thanks, and again, keep up the great work, you guys are awesome!

  • I joined about 4 eps in, and I too can’t believe it’s already Season 2. Let this be the year of the freedom of Matt! Then maybe he can figure out why I didn’t get the new artwork on my iTunes. Keep up the amazing Brian Posehn impressions! Oh, and also the show, it’s pretty good too.

  • hello, i just started listening to this podcast recently and I’m really enjoying it :) I am a big Doctor Who fan so I love how you guys constantly casually reference that show, yay! I was wondering if you guys had any interesting River Song theories? I’ve heard some crazy one’s like she’s his mother/daughter/sister(eh..), she’s a human incarnation of the Tardis (Wha..?), she’s Amy in the future…She’s Jack Harkness after a sex change…. oh my. So what do you guys think, any crazy theories?

  • Why do I enjoy listening to you guys talk about nothing so much while I drive to work? I have no idea, but I do.

    Also, Jonah, I am going copy your Megaman 2 ringtone idea. That is way too awesome.

  • I’m loving the hostfull podcasts. Happy anniversary Nerdist podcast! I started listening only a few months ago with the Matt Smith podcast and I was totally hooked. Since then I downloaded all the previous podcasts and I listen to them as soon as they’re available. Thank you guys!

    @mercutiom – We could also sign some sort of petion to let David Tennant know about Nerdist podcast. I think that a large number of us is also a Doctor Who and/or David Tennant fan so it should be easy to collect a respectable amount of signatures. I’m going to his play in London this June, I could give it to him and ask him if he’d like to do it. Sometimes I feel a bit useless as a nerdling from here (Italy); the only thing I can do is listen to the podcast. I would love to help in anyway and if David Tennant were to do a Nerdist podcast if would be epic.

  • The hostful podcasts are quickly becoming my new favorite due to extended conversations on Boy Meets World and funeral homes. I bought a new pair of headphones (since I needed some anyways) so Matt doesn’t have to fix computers anymore.

  • The logo color! Things. Are. Different. Change. Frightens. Me. Panic. Attack. No, I’m OK.

    I do my podcast on Skype Recorder and then I edit in GarageBand. And that’s why it’s half-assed! If you’re a serious person buy actual equipment.

    Stupid Los Angeles 65 degrees…

  • How are you making these better each week?!

    Seriously these Hostful eps are more and more interesting and funnier too. Loving, loving, loving it guys. From Boy Meets World trivia to Funaeral Home details with some casual Who references thrown in and some always hilarious Dave Matthews teasing, you guys make my week.

    Now I want a burrito. Dammit.

    Happy Anniversary Nerdist!

  • I’ve been listening to Nerdist for about a month now can honestly say that my week is now not complete until I listen to the new ep. I just have 1 question and 1 request.

    1) You guys gotta get Pereira on the show. I really want to hear him talk candidly with you guys not being restricted by FCC regulation.

    2) Will I ever get to see Chris duke it out with Tosh for web commenter superiority :-D

    OK, the second is more of a pipe dream.

    Anyway, thanks for making this show and congrats on your 1 year anniversary.