Episode 58

Nerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #58

Nerdist Podcast #58

Our second guestless cast finds the gents broadcasting from a haunted storage closet at the Punch Line Comedy Club in San Francisco during SF Sketchfest.

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  • Literally just finished listening to Doug Loves Movies, now I get to listen to my favorite podcast of all times. Win!! Chris Hardwick you have impeccable timing :D

  • Ok, you just convinced me I’m going to try to go to Sketch Fest next year to see the nerdist podcast live and whatever other people are there that are awesome, that I like. I have to say your podcast got me even more into comedy then I already was. Also, you are now one of my favorite comedians ever. Thank’s Chris :D

  • Say fellas, could you never talk about comic books ever again.

    As a comic book fan I have to say it was soooo alienating to hear fellow nerds say “An artsist named….. alex ross”. It hurt my soul. It would be like hearing someone say “A comedian named…. George Carlin” or ” some guitarist named…. Jimi Hendrix”.

    Don’t read any wonder twin comics, mr.ross was being ironic. The podcast was awesome.

  • I gotta say, I really enjoy the guestless episodes. Its like the side episodes of a sci-fi show. You know the plot isn’t going to move forward, but you still get to learn a little more about the characters. I believe a mirror universe episode is needed. Evil goatees anyone?

  • Huzzah! Love these guestless podcasts just as much as the guesty ones. I also really appreciated how polite Chris was to the cleaning crew at the top of the show. I will certainly demand that chest bump you offered in the intro when I see you in Boston!

  • Agree, these guestless podcasts are awesome. I was reserving judgement after only one, but now this one…

    Love them cuz you guys are great just sitting around being regular dudes shooting the shit.

  • If you’ll pardon my Otaku-ness for a bit , I feel like there should be a JonahxMatt (or MattxJonah) sort of Anime-zation/Shojo version of the two. Just hearing the two talk about the involvement in their lives just makes me go “squeeeeeeeeeee!!!”


    Anyways, I’m really enjoying the guest-less podcasts and getting to hear you guys talk about yourselves is a nice change of pace. So keep it up and I hope you’ll enjoy your own burrito. :D

  • Love the Nerdist, best podcast ever. Any chance you guys could get Will Friedle on the show? I’d be curious to hear you guys talk about Boy Meets World and your episode on that show; and also Batman Beyond.

    That would be a ginormous nerdgasm for me.

  • I agree with Steven I remember that episode of Boy Meets World. One of my favorite shows of the 90’s. You should see if Rider Strong, Ben Savage, or Will Friedle. Yeah Will Friedle would be fun he does a lot of cartoon voice over work now.

  • Truly wonderful! I think you underestimate your own capability to be spontaneously funny: or perhaps you feel that these types of conversations will be outside the bounds of the interest of your normal audience? Either way, I hope these responses have steeled your resolve to make a ton more!

    Thank you greatly for making my day so much the better.

  • I want to echo the other people, and mention how much i’ve enjoyed these guestless episodes. You guys are a great group, and I could listen to you guys bullshit for hours.

    Have you ever thought of having Greg Mottola on your show? I know you moderated the Paul panel at ComicCon, and with that movie out pretty soon I think he’d be a great guest. Especially because (outside of Kevin Smith, and maybe someone I am forgetting) you haven’t had a movie director on the show, and i’d like to hear how their process works.

  • “You need to remember your own greatest hits collection” is going to go down as one of those timeless quotes.

    Anyway, can’t wait to start devising amazing emails and/or tweets for you to read on the podcast, hopefully.

  • So Chris, will you guys be recording on Super Bowl Sunday like usual? (By usual I mean that one time. You know… the first time?)
    (Also I like your “No, we like you guys too.” voice)
    (Also I should stop writing in parentheses so much.)
    (That’s a goal that I had to write down somewhere.)

  • i want to add a couple cents and say i looooove the guestless eps.

    also, i will echo Wesley and say that i had the exact same experience – DLM, Sklarbro Country, AND more Nerdist!

    fridays are exponentially better with you, dears.

    exes, ohs, things,

  • This question has really nothing to do with the podcast, but nice job anyway guys, but was Jonah part of a V/O on the latest episode of Community?

    There’s one part that sounds exactly like him.