Episode 50

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Nerdist Podcast #50: SKLAR BROTHERS

The Sklar Brothers are the only twin comedy team I can think of outside of Cheng & Eng or the Sagal sisters. They hosted “Cheap Seats,” wrote/produced/starred in “Back on Topps” (a phenomenal web series) and are currently making podcasts under the “Sklarbro Country” name. Nice guys who are hilarious. WHAT MORE DO YOU VULTURES WANT???!! Oh. Apologies. There was no need for me to yell at you and I’m sorry. But sometimes you just make me so MAD, Baby…What? Ok. FINE. Go to your mother’s. Like she needs more ammo against me. REAL mature, Karen! I CAN SLAM DOORS TOO, YA KNOW!

Find Sklarbro Country here and follow them together on the Tweets.

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  • YEAH! Christmas comes early this year, cause we get the Sklar Bros!!!! I love those guys; they’re awesome.

    And oh my! The 5 Leno’s almost made me spit coffee out on my monitor.

  • This was a really really good episode. Not only was it funny, but your discussion on podcasts and the influence on comedy is really really important. I want Comedy Central to hear this episode and actually listen to what you said about the Benson Interruption, it absolutely needs to come back [and I say in a one hour format] and we need more shows like it. You are all currently doing amazing work and putting out some of the most amazing comedy ever. Please continue to make my life better with laughter.

  • I am happily listening to the Sklar Brothers episode. I have been a regular listener since Summer. Of course I downloaded all episodes and listened from the first podcast once I discovered the Nerdist.

    You were talking about how/where/when people listen to podcasts. Every Tuesday I download the latest episode to my ipad. I take the ipad into the kitchen and make dinner. Wash dishes. Sometimes you go to the laundry room with me. OH! And you helped me prime and paint the bathroom this summer, too! My son and I laughed so much, the job went quickly.

    I really love what you do. You’ve also introduced me to many other podcasts I love. I promote you to friends and co-workers all the time. Mentioning how you can listen while commuting, for example. :)

    Happy Holidays, looking forward to the year end episode!

  • This episode was incredible. Not only did it have what I thought were some of the best jokes in the podcast’s history (Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits on the airplane, for one) but the discussion about podcasts themselves was amazing. Actually got misty-eyed when the Sklar Brothers were talking about the comments they had received on the podcast about how it was helping people get through their days. So good. Can’t wait for Season 2.

  • I just picked up a few Sklarbro Country shows to check out, because of this episode. I got into the Nerdist from hearing Chris on another podcast, which I probably started listening to because I’d heard about it on another podcast. It’s a good thing I do so much driving for work, I get to listen to lots of podcasts. Nobody I listen to ever comes to Hawaii (for shows, anyway,) though, so I never get to see them.

  • Little known fact is that Tiger Woods took the radioactive snake that bite the Australian Golfer and had it bite his wang and that was the start of all his problems.

  • I fucking love the Sklarbros. I remember setting my alarm clock to 2am. to watch Cheap Seats cracking the hell up, then going back to sleep. I also love there podcast. (which you sent me to during Adam Carola’s 2nd podcast in which you were going over people who had podcasts)

    The following a comment on Your (Chris’s) dads bowling match vs. Marshall Holman on YouTube. Your dad’s got some HARDCORE fans.

    “How does he do it! How does Hardwick do it!
    Amazing match. The bowling version of Jurassic park: Billy Hardwick, with his 1950’s bowling style, bowling the conditions of the 70’s. In my opinion, these two weeks (where Hardwick won the Toledo Open, then entered the finals of the Firestone at top position) comprise the most amazing pro bowling achievement in history. It’s the bowling version of George Foreman winning the championship at 43 years old.

    I, honestly, cracked up at this.(not that your dads bowling achievements aren’t fantastic and what not) I also am pretty sure I saw the first television appearance of you.

    P.S; I think this is one of my favorites. Why do I think that? Because after it was done I was like, “WTF!?, why was this only like 20min. long!!! *checks podcast run time* Holy shit, that was 1hr. and 20min.”

  • Just heard the story about the traffic ticket. Not sure which brother got the ticket, but he can totally use the “I have an evil twin” defense. If he can show the judge that it could’ve been his identical twin driving the car, he can get the ticket thrown out. “I’m not sure, you’re Honor, sometimes my brother borrows my car and runs red lights for fun. It could’ve been him. This is a pretty blurry picture.”

  • Can we look forward to Mr. Hardwick appearing on Sklarbro Country in the future!? I know you aren’t exactly a sports buff, but I loved the interaction between you three and think it deserves more podtime.

    Love love love this podcast.