Episode 5

Nerdist Podcast

Jon Hamm

Nerdist Podcast #5: Jon Hamm

I’ve been pals with Jon for a couple of years now and he is as gracious as he is talented and funny. Here’s an example: After we recorded this episode I tried to hijack him into doing a quick sketch for Web Soup in the bathroom. I KNOW I KNOW it sounds terrible. Jon, who I later discovered was late for something, was actually going to do it anyway. When I realized (fortunately) that my idea was stupid and I was taking advantage of his time I immediately released him of any further obligation, BUT HE REALLY WOULD HAVE DONE IT.  That’s how far down the niceness hole Jon Hamm goes. That sentence was unintentionally filthy but I would nonetheless like you to join me in a rousing round of applause for Jon right now, whatever else you may be doing.

Incidentally ‘Niceness Hole’ was the name of my anime cosplay band.

Jon Hamm discusses his lost SNL sketch, Chris doesn’t understand how beards work, Jonah is a star-maker and Matt likes the Dave Matthews Band.

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  • first: listened to nerdist podcast 5 immediately upon waking up. very excellent.

    now, second: “Incidentally ‘Niceness Hole’ was the name of my anime cosplay band.” was the moment i became a loyal fan.


  • Guys,
    Thanks so much for this podcast. :) It is such a treat to listen to each week and you guys are truly hilarious. Its great to hear guys who I can relate to their thought processes on anything from video games, Dr. Who and comedy in general. You guys rule.

  • I was looking for a podcast to listen to when I had to travel for work, and randomly downloaded the Adam Corolla podcast. I quickly downloaded the rest, and was super excited to see a new podcast today, especially seeing who was the guest.

    I like the conversational tone of the podcast, with quirky references that seem like something my friends and I would talk about. Plus, I’d totally go see “Under the Table and Dreaming.”

  • Watched the fist fight. It’s unedited and doesn’t make much sense. But it’s rediculous. Rip used a hammer!

    I save listening to the Nerdist Podcast for my office hours. People keep wondering why I start laughing out loud in the middle of the office. Thank you for keeping me entertained during the slow times.

    PLEASE keep them coming. They are fantastic!

  • Great podcast. I also agree with Dan that there were sound level issues. Not sure if it is just the way Jon Hamm talks, but his voice seemed to get very quiet sometimes and I could barely hear what he was saying. I had to crank up the volume to max just to make it out and then you and Jonah would be really loud. Still awesome as usual though.

  • i was just rewatching the hamm and buble and 30rock jamaican nurses bits and was sad that my hamm fix had come to a close. so i wandered over here and voila! it’s like xmas for the jew girl. thanks hardwick.

  • Chris, I was just about to add a sound quality post and then saw that others beat me to it. I was listening to this one in the car. Had to crank it way up to hear the soft parts, and then when an enthusiastic reply came from one of you, it was a painful blast to the eardrums. So yeah, if you can figure out a way to level off the sound going forward, we’ll all be grateful. Keep up the great casting!

  • Hi. I’m a microphone. Sometimes people who make podcasts use me so that the audience can hear what is being said by the people on the podcast. This is my friend earbuds, he’s turned up to 11 right now so he can hear. He’s unhappy. If you guys ever want to try a microphone, give me a jingle.

  • author

    Hi. My name is Steve. I’m consuming absolutely free entertainment but contemporary cultural norms dictate that I complain about it anyway. I could try to understand that you guys are learning as you go along, but it’s much more satisfying to be snarky.

    Guys, sorry about the mic problem. We’re experimenting with different recording equipment and software. We’ll get it right, just be patient with us!

    Thanks! :)

    PS – Steve, I was just teasing.

  • I was teasing too Chris! I love the podcast. I will gladly suffer the mic issues. I intended no offense. I think the misplaced snark arose from a safety concern over Jon Hamm’s decision to record the show from the bottom of that abandoned mine shaft. I hope you were able to remove him safely. Also, I miss the pilot episode theme song, please bring it back!

  • I have never watched Mad Men, but I have heard Jon Hamm on several podcasts, including this one and the Comedy Death Ray Radio Podcast and have been thoroughly impressed with him every time I’ve listened. I thought he was very funny on 30 Rock and now I am a die hard fan because he showed that deep down, somewhere underneath that award winning actor facade there’s a nerd who can off the top of his head quote Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Thank you Jon Hamm for being awesome.
    Great interview Chris, really loving the podcast. However, it’s just some guys talking, can’t there be something really exciting, like a sword fight or a boat chase? Or possibly a sword chase that leads to a boat fight? Come on! Everyone has podcasts with people talking to Golden Globe award winning actors, no one has a podcast where someone is eaten by a crocodile in the middle, requiring the rest of the podcasters to be shrunk down to miniature size to rescue him from the belly of the beast! There’s probably a reason for that.

  • loving the podcast! I am in London and nearly pee’d myself with everyone’s comments about the comedy style around here! I’ll be keeping an eye out for anyone’s UK appearances!

  • Guys, just listened to this one and thought you should know that Paul Shaffer was the first person to ever say “f*ck” on SNL. It slipped out during the “Four Floggin’ Beats” sketch. You’re comedy nerds and should know this.

  • Really like the podcast. My only criticism is that sometimes there are too many voiced. Ditch Matt and\or Jonah. They chime in too much. One in particular (not sure which) likes to sidetrack and name drop.

    Chris is a great host, and Jonat should be his “Paul Shaffer” or “Andy Richter”. In fact.. how about having Matt go off to start a band, and Jonah to go star in a bad sitcom?!


    Between heffay and me, Paul Shaffer has gotten more press here since the Blue Brothers.

  • Seriously amazing. Great podcast. What definitely put it over the top was you saying “I heart you” at the end. Nice loving touch.

    I <3 you too.