Episode 48

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #48: MAYHEM MILLER


Mayhem Miller is an MMA wizard who is powerful yet benevolent. His hands are lethal wands that can cast punching and/or hugging spells: YOUR CHOICE! He also hosts the MTV show “Bully Beatdown,” which is just as satisfying as the name promises. Most importantly, he’s an interesting dude with a good heart and a solid work ethic. We forgot to ask why Tommy Lee has his named tattooed across his stomach. #wokkawokka #hashtaggingoutsidetwitter

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  • Imagine my surprise when I wake up on tuesday, check for the new podcast and see MAYHEM MILLER! What a surprise! Dudes a class act, I’ve seen him on Rogan and Carollas podcasts and from there started watching his show. Station!

  • GREAT episode! I listen to Mayhem every week on Jason Ellis’ show on the Sirius XM channel “Faction”. He is a fantastic dude.

    PS: I believe there’s a lot more MMA/Nerdist crossover than you’d think.

  • WOW! Every episode I listen to I learn something from but this one was not only extremely educational but there was so much you guys talked about that I can relate to.

  • Chris and Co.,
    I have heard you on the Adam Carolla podcast, and on his previous radio show. You are now one of my regular podcast that I listen to. Keep up the good work! I will spread the word!!!

  • Sorry to burst your bubble Chris, but I suspect that more people than you might think, are right in the middle of the Venn diagram in regards to so called nerdy activities and MMA. I’ve competed in Kyokushinkai karate, muay thai and lately MMA and at the same time I was playing chess and watching Doctor Who. Having nerdy interests is not reserved for 4 foot nothings – stop projecting :)

  • Thanks,
    your podcasts just keep on introducing me into new and interesting worlds. And the fact they are really well done interviews kinda helps with that a lot too.

    About the songs in your head during fighting:

    Some climbers know about/experience the phenomenon when you’re up there and really afraid, a song (weird, tacky song) starts playing in your head. If I’ve understood correctly, it is a brain’s defence mechanism, meant to distract you from the fear and get you going. And as defence mechanisms go, closer to the last one than first one.

  • Great guest choice, and there is a huge crossover between nerds and mma. A lot of nerds train or have trained at some point.

    Oh, and you rocked it at the Addison in Dallas TX awhile back, my wife and I loved your show. Has the guy from Walmart shown up at any more shows?

  • Just to support the claims that crossover between MMA and nerdism are not terribly uncommon, I studied kung-fu for about nine years when I was younger, nearly making black sash/belt by the time I was 13, and have been fascinated with martial arts and fighting ever since.

    Like you said, the nerd is evolving as a species. And it makes sense that the we might do so at a breakneck pace, really. We’ve learned from and adapted to the bullying that nerd generations before us were forced to endure.

  • Chris,
    Long time listener first time caller.
    First, let me say I love the show, and I would not hold it against you if you decided to sell ad space on your show. I mean come on dude, you guys deserve to get paid for this incredibly awesome podcast.
    On the Mayhem Miller show. Both of you had a question about whether grown-ups, as the adolecent defenition is assumed. I believe it does. I don’t think you realize or even fully grow up, until you have a child of your own. That is when you are responsible for a living thing that is completely dependent on you. That realization that you made as a teenager is not exactly true. I’ll say it this way. It’s not age that makes you a grown-up. It’s experience.
    I also have a different opinion about therapy, but I’m not going into that unless you ask.

  • I will 5th the sentiment of nerds and mma having a bigger crossover than one would suspect.

    I await Hardwick and Rogan being guest one each others podcast lol.

    I was surprised to see Mayhem on the podcast after Chris’s “MMGay” joke from a while back lol.

  • I have boycotted MTV, so I have only witness bits of bully beatdown. Just from glimpses, Mayhem came across as a annoying meathead.

    Even though I’m not into MMA, it completely changed my opinion on Mayhem. Keep up the good choice of guests. Always helps to draw people in from different walks of life!

    And about Mayhems comments on his work ethic. Most people under estimate the work people have put into almost any successful career, as you (Chris) always point out about the showbiz ind.

  • Number 48. As good as or better as previous 46. You and Adam C made me wet my pants a little as I was working listing via earbuds today. I’d like some assistance with an explanation for my boss.

  • Count me as another Hardwick/MMA fan. I’m not the biggest fan of either though I do know enough to get annoyed at Chris’ constant referring to MMA in general as “UFC” (it’d be like constantly referring to Superman as a Marvel comic. Obviously we all see how wrong that is) I don’t even watch BULLY BEATDOWN so my excitement at seeing Mayhem Miller on the show was purely because I was excited to listen to an MMA fighter on the Nerdist. I don’t want to limit the Nerdist podcast just to people who are involved in “nerdy” pursuits. I like hearing interviews with cool people who do interesting things. I despise football, but if Nerdist were to interview an NFL player I would at least give it a shot assuming that if he’s on the show he must be a cool guy if nothing else.

  • Hi,
    I’m in the UK and there’s not too many of your guests I’ve ever heard of (Matt Smith, Ozzy… erm…) Anyway, I love the podcast. Love the geekery. Love hearing you guys talk about British comedy (makes me proud). Most of all I love the interviews. Like I say, I’ve never heard of Mayhem Miller before but it was a fascinating chat with a terrific chap. Entertaining, informative, inspiring. Love hearing about his work ethic, love it when you talk to guys about their creative process. Keep at it. PS> As anglophile sci-fi comedy geeks you should keep your eyes open for Misfits if it hasn’t aired their yet. Currently finishing season 2 here. It’s brilliant.

  • I’m a nerd that can whoop ass. I’m not bragging, just saying its not that uncommon.. Like the Sklars point out, sports nerds are just as geeky as the most techy science weirdo nuts. Love the podcast and the quick banter of you gents. Keep it up. Money is a derivative of effort, and even though the internet seems to be the hardest format to cash in on, I’m sure even Matt will reap some reward from this. Keep your heads down and just keep running and you’re bound to get somewhere.