Episode 47

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #47: ADAM CAROLLA RETURNS!


Adam Carolla makes his triumphant return to the Nerdist Podcast while dominating the medium with his own show. This time, Adam takes issue with rude male receptionists, radio program directors and “The Love Boat,” while promoting his new book In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks, available here. This episode was brought to you by Hiney Wine and Hickory Lube.

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  • How do you do this every week?

    Be fucking honest. Matt Smith gave you a key to the Tardis, didn’t he? I know you’ve been doing the show for much longer than that, but I don’t need to think linearly when time travel is involved.

  • author

    I honestly don’t know! Somehow I manage to eke one out each week. If I had a TARDIS key there’d be episodes EVERY DAY. Also, I’d have on Julius Caesar and “Froggy” from the Little Rascals.

  • OhmygodI’mtalkingstraighttoyou.

    I won’t try to milk a conversation out of a generous reply to a silly first post, but I finished the podcast thinking about who I’d love you to sit down with and two names came to mind: Regina Spektor and Joanna Newsom. If you aren’t familiar with their work, I’m sure a quick google search would rectify that inequity.

    C’mon. You can fill your quota for musicians and ladyfolk at the same time.

    Nerdist 4 Lyfe. SEACREST OUT.

  • It’s great how cool the people you get on your podcast are. Some of them I tended to think, “They’re funny, but they probably wouldn’t be too great to just hang out with.” Then, I listen to the podcast and always realize, “You know, they would probably be pretty awesome people to just hang out with and talk to.”

    Keep up the awesome work, though calling it work seems wrong. You all seem to enjoy it so I guess; keep talking to awesome people and having a good time giving others an hour and some odd minutes of joy.