Episode 41

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #41: GREG FITZSIMMONS

Greg Fitzsimmons will punch you in the face if you’re a mean jerk. Chris, Matt & Jonah will assault you with passive agressive comments in a similar situation, but then emotionally punch themselves in the face later on at home, WAY harder than they would ever hit someone else cuz that’s how nerds roll (the 20-sided die).

Check out Greg’s podcast/radio show, stand-up dates and new book Dear, Mrs. Fitzsimmons on his webbysite.

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  • Great show as always. Thought it would be impossible to follow up the last two AMAZING podcasts, but this one was just as good. One problem: I liked the backing track for the intro, but I can’t find “Return of the racist robot” or “kissing cousins” anywhere on the Internets. Was that a joke I didn’t get XD? Or is this group so indie they don’t even exist?

  • O and, If you take a SINGLE week off of delivering this explosive package of awesome, I will personally rally a group of similarly disenfranchised fans, and detain you in a conference room until we have enough material to feed our addiction.

  • I doubt Dane Cook would ever be on this podcast considering Chris had a bad experiance with him before. Plus I just don’t find him funny. I don’t hate the guy but he’s just no funny to me.

    Another great show Chris. Can’t wait till you come back to Austin.

  • I went to an Ellen Show taping years ago (whose 8 hour endeavor cured me of attending TV show tapings forever). I sat next to Greg when he was working on the show feeding jokes to Ellen via large posterboard. He seemed to erect an invisible wall around him as to not interact with the audience he was sitting among.

  • On the subject on charging for the podcast, the best way to do it would be to offer a video version on iTunes for a charge. Other than something like that, people aren’t generally going to be willing to pay for a podcast (especially since there are a lot of other really good podcasts out there for free.)

    Another option would be to charge a flat member charge for archives (and maybe network with the other podcasts (Benson, Tompkins etc…)

  • Oh man, that was the greatest verbal slip of all time in the closing minute of the podcast. I cannot get the image of SEAQUEST: DMV out of my head! Long lines, incompetence, surly old ladies……. underwater!!!

    Also, not trying to be “that guy” (just want to contribute to the discussion) but here’s another huge curmudgeonly TV star: Dr. House! I think that Archie Bunker and the Seinfeld cast definitely had that going for them, but once House came along, that’s when everyone realized there was huuuuuge bank in it, hence all the new despicable leads.

  • I’ve forgotten if they mentioned the character by name, but the rise of the despicable anti-hero on television was definitely helped in large part by Tony Soprano.

  • Tyler. Never Not Funny charges, and have been for a few years now. They’re still successful. It can work, it’s just alienating. You’re bound to lose a few fans.

  • Also, Ricky Gervais charged for his podcast, and that’s the most successful podcast thus far in history. People are willing if they feel it’s worth it. (It is.)

  • I guess I’m the only one who thought Greg Fitzsimmons came off as a bit of a douchebag.

    Also if you got beef with Dane Cook just interview the guy and call him out on it. All due respect, it’s a bit silly to sit there and talk about the guy to other people.

  • Another very good podcast gentlemen. I loved Greg. I thought he was really funny and smart. I as well would be crushed if the podcast would be put on hold for more than 1 week. Don’t stop now guys! It’s so amazing! :)