Episode 31

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #31: FRED WILLARD

This podcast was recorded at Largo in front of many wonderful nerds on July 28th and featured the following awesome elements: David Koechner opening the show in character, Fred Willard chatting with us about comedy and Tom Kenny telling a story about the time he met Rodney Dangerfield and then closing the show with a handful of songs AS SPONGEBOB with a full friggin band and EVERYTHING. And have I mentioned FRED WILLARD enough???

Fred has a new book out called Fred Willard’s Magnificent Movie Trivia: Put Your Knowledge of Movies, Actors, Facts & Firsts to the Test. Please acquire it with money.

Please to enjoy!

*special content note: this podcast DOES contain the occasional swear word, just in case you only look and the words “Spongebob” and “Download.” The show may not be suitable for tykes.

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  • Thank you for the AMAZING entertainment :D. Don’t feel bad about using that word all the time, I overuse it far too often along with :D. So you’re not alone, maybe they should have a support group for people like us.

  • Excellent idea to post that content warning!
    –As I recall from attending the show, VERY little of the
    super-enjoyable event would be appropriate for children–much less some adults!
    By the way, I empathize about the “amazing” issue in that I am also a very verbally enthusiastic person, and always encounter some people willing to tease or criticize me for that. No matter what decade and adjective-of-the-minute: “cool,” “awesome…” (I think I will stop dating myself)!
    I finally gave up trying to please those who would not be pleased, and went the “Monty Burns” route: “excellent!” A timeless classic!

  • Hilarious! I think having other comics perform at the beginning of the live shows is a great idea. That way you can expose your listeners to comics that you think are funny.

    One other thing. I realized that I say “yeahyeahyeah” very often and for a while I couldn’t figure out where I got it from until I listened to the podcast and heard you AND Jonah say it multiple times per podcast. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I just thought you should know that things you say actually blend into my brain. It’s like we’re real friends…