Episode 27

Nerdist Podcast

Allison Scagliotti

Nerdist Podcast #27: Allison Scagliotti

BONUS EPISODE! Allison Scagliotti is the “Good Will Hunting” of actresses–wicked smaht, wicked pretty and wicked sweet (I realize that “wicked” is an awkward modifier for “sweet,” but sometimes the truth is awkward). She plays Claudia Donovan on SyFy’s Warehouse 13. In this ep she talks about overachieving, emotional self-flagellation and Courtney Love.

Get all up in her business on Twitter: @allisonscag

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  • So far 34 minutes into it and this is one of the most fun podcasts ever, love Allison’s personality and your chemistry with her. Y’all should do something together again

  • I listened to every podcast since the first but this one was the first one that blew my mind. I had no idea she was Mindy on Drake and Josh. I totally grew up on that show. Keep it up Chris you rock!!!!!!!!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed that podcast. Very fun to listen to. *Yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition. It’s my right as a Michigander* Anyway, thanks Chris and Allison for a great podcast!

  • As always, a fantastic podcast. I had no idea she was that young… wow, makes me feel bad for being one of those people who could easily have gotten straight A’s but couldn’t be bothered to care about school. Too busy reading books, playing video games, and generally enjoying life with friends not giving a moments thought to whether I should at least make sure I have some sort of real solid foundation for my adult life. I remember watching to first episode of Warehouse 13 and thinking to myself, “Well, something on this channel that is more then just barely watchable.” and then cataloging it in the back of my head to keep watching. Though, then I forgot about it the next day and missed most of the first season. Then the other day I saw the super hero episode and realized I had forgotten about the show and was going to start watching it again, then forgot, and now this reminded me… I am going to look up the time and days the new episodes come out now!

    *Googles Warehouse 13… follows interesting link… “What was I doing?”*

  • The only thing that bugged me about this (and that bugs me about anyone who’s younger than me and smarter than me) is that I now feel completely functionally retarded.

  • Downloading now. Can’t wait to listen. We were in L.A. for the NCAA Championship game and went to UCB to see ASSSSCAT and Allison was in attendance. I wanted to fawn over how cute she is, but that would’ve made me a creepy old man. :)

  • Great Episode. I wish Allison the best luck in New York.

    Just a quick correction. The drinking age in Canada varies by province/territory. The legal age is 19 in most provinces, but in Alberta, Quebec and Manitoba the legal age is 18.

  • Finished watching last night. I feel kinda ashamed of myself for accomplishing nothing and being a whole four months younger than her.

    But I am more disappointed with YOU Chris Hardwick for not making the OBVIOUS Who reference when Allison was talking about how massive the Warehouse is. IT’S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE!

  • Hardwick, I am embarrassed for you. You need to take a page out of the Billy Graham playbook and never interview a girl alone. I’m still wiping your drool out of my ears.

    On the plus side, you inadvertantly divulged the best Stoner Rock band name ever: Joint Custody

  • not to be a dick (but to be a dick), scagliotti’s correcting hardwick on the pronunciation of her surname wasn’t quite right. if you’re gonna correct hardwick, get it right. for one, the ‘g’ isn’t “silent,” it (and the requesite ‘i’ that follows) affects how the ‘l’ is pronounced. the letters ‘gli’ are pronounced by combining the two liquids represented in english by ‘l’ (alveolar lateral approximant) and ‘y’ (palatal approximant). secondly, she softened the onset consonant of the final syllable to a ‘d’ sound (voiced alveolar plosive), when in italian a double ‘t’ is actually a long, almost exaggerated ‘t’ (long unvoiced alveolar plosive). **pushes glasses to nose bridge**

  • Loove the podcast. I also just saw Hole at Ottawa Bluesfest:) Courtney was entertaining, of course. As much as I love her, Chris’ story about Hole at the MTV awards is hilarious because Eric could play Courtney under the table (a table covered in pills and restraining orders) any day. As cool as Micko Larkin is; Eric is Hole and it sucks that’s he’s not playing with them. Who wrote all the great guitar work on Live Through This? Eric.

  • I don’t think Hardwick understands who his audience is yet… I hear a lot of broad nerd generalizations.

    Granted – I know I’m a nerd, but I feel like the definition has changed to encompass a wider genre of people than it did when he was in growing up. We’re not an unwashed mass of mouth-breathers (though if we were there’s nothing wrong with it). We can be the kids who were picked on in school but go on to embrace the things they enjoy and mature those things into careers.

    So I guess I’m saying to go easy on the stereotypes of who’s listening. Maybe go on tour and meet some of the people who tune in to this and love what you do, Chris.

  • author

    Rachel, I hear what you’re saying. Still, I have met TONS of them and I do love them. And I talk about how the stereotype has changed, but I did get stuffed in a trash can for bringing D&D books to school. For reals. So that’s the guy I’m playfully referring to in my head when I make those references–me as a nerdy kid. And as someone who suffered many instances similar to that, I feel I have kind of earned that right. :)

    Also, keep in mind: It’s a comedy podcast. It’s not an NPR show. You just can’t take any of that shit seriously. I’m not REALLY attacking anyone. If anything, I am harder on myself than anyone else.

    Now stop being such a sensitive nerd. ;)

  • I don’t know what Rachel is talking about, I was mouth breathing during the whole podcast.

    On another note my brother is Allison’s age and I am 33. I made a refernce to the beginning of email and he was blown away at the concept of no email.

    The other day my mom wanted to record something on TV. They don’t have a dvr, so he had to figure something out for her. He found a vcr in the garage. He called me up to explain how to hook it up.

    He can set up his PS3 and everything else, but the vcr left him totally lost.

  • Chris, you should get Allison to write weekly reviews for music and films that came out before she was born. An intelligent 19-year old’s thoughts on the Breakfast Club or Ride the Lightning would be hilarious.

  • ya’ll! great podcast. and also i ♥ pee wee. i made him yawn once . i wasn’t being boring. i was yawning, and it’s contagious. that might be my favorite moment in life. not really. but maybe top 10.