Episode 24

Nerdist Podcast

Bill Burr

Nerdist Podcast #24: Bill Burr

Bill Burr yelled at Philadelphia, Chris vaguely understands hockey, Jonah understands it even less, and Matt is weirdly not tired of the running “Matt loves the Dave Matthews Band” joke, though I’m sure all of you are.

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  • can’t wait to listen! i love bill burr and i haven’t heard any of his stuff in a while. i know you’ve already had amazing guests but i have a couple of requests. Marc Maron, Maria Bamford and/or Brendon Small? i’ll love you forever…aww who am i kiddin’ i already do!

  • Man I sure am gonna check out that April show that Bill plugged. To the time machine!

    This was awesome, as usual. I was DYING over the Nerds Who Don’t Understand Sports hockey game announcing. Funniest fucking thing I’ve heard all day.

    I am so full of love for this podcast. You guys are great, thank you.

  • Double Dare and Guts…I miss 90s Nickelodeon. Although I could live without Legends of the Hidden Temple. It was so bizarre to realize that the actor who plays Burt Hummel on Glee is the same guy who hosted Global Guts.

  • Chris, could you comment on the fact that both your first podcast and Adam Carolla’s first podcast both included live slide whistle playing? Is this some type of successful podcast ritualistic conspiracy? Has there ever even been live slide whistle playing in any other podcasts, ever? Just curious if I should bust out a slide whistle if I start a podcast.

  • Also, drove out from Minneapolis to see live Adam in Chicago and you happened to come on the show too, MINT!

    Loved your Xavier reference when Adam was talking about that handicapped man at the Coke museum, and your audible squish comment about Ralph G leaving is spent condom in the pool tables corner pocket.

    Totally worth the $200 speeding ticket I acquired on the way out!

  • i thought i heard someone coming into my apartment. and i thought it was weird that my dog wasn’t barking. and then i thought maybe it was a serial killer who was using his lunch break to chloroform my dog and murder me. then i realized it was someone squeaking their chair on the podcast!

  • Awesome show!!! I love Bill Burr, so this was great to hear.

    Quick Internet Nerd Alert: You guys probably went to Space Center Houston, which is totally geared towards kids. To actually learn decent stuff about the JSC you have to take the tram tour. That’s where you get to go into mission control, you get to see the training pool, and the vacuum chamber where they tested the components that go up in space.

    /nerd rant

    Great show none-the-less guys

  • @Chris

    Let me guess the club you were talking about in Monterey was Doc Rickett’s (Lab)? It has always been and probably always will be that way. Sadly, comedy fans only have two options in the town, Doc’s and Planet Gemini, and neither offers a great crowd.

  • Oh no, id be careful if I were you. I was walking down an alley tonight and I heard a couple of slide whistles crack off behind me, I just got the fuck out of there so I cant say for sure who or what it was…the conspiracy rolls on.

  • The into music to this episode sounds like an accordian version of lobby scene fight song from The Matrix, and I NEED to know where I can get a full mp3 of this!

  • Y’all, I have a Bill Burr story!

    In 2002 or so, I was in college and Bill Burr came to do a show. I went to a tiny school (like 1600 total students), and it was fucking FREEZING that day, and about an hour before his show the paths at college started icing up.

    My boyfriend and I show up, and we are two of literally eight or so people in the audience. Bill still completely destroyed, and I did not feel like he phoned it in even a teeny bit because nobody showed up. I laughed when he talked about having to learn to perform in front of tiny crowds.

  • I am huge fan of Bill Burr please have him back. Is this where I insert the generic joke where having that much funny in such close proximity ( Chris and Bill) that it could tear a hole in the space time continuum?…….what!? Fine, great show keep ‘em coming.

  • I think it’s funny that “Go home and rub one out” didn’t become the Podcast’s slogan like “Enjoy your burrito” did. The ‘cast may have taken a different turn had they adopted such a motto. That and a different audience given how most listeners seem to enjoy actual burritos.