Episode 22

Nerdist Podcast

Craig Ferguson Live @ Largo…

Nerdist Podcast #22: Craig Ferguson Live @ Largo!

Our third “Live @ Largo” show welcomes the amazingly brilliant and charming Craig Ferguson, musician/songstress Sara Watkins, plus surprise guests! Craig talks about his friendship with Peter Cook, explains the socio-political origins of the Daleks, and educates us Americans on the proper use of the “C” word. This episode was mindblowingly fun and I sincerely hope you get a chance to come see one of our live shows.

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  • “I’m crazy Gideon! Shiny pumpkins fuck my eye-holes!!!”

    That one line has DESTROYED ME. I can’t even click the mouse to do my soul-sucking job, because I can’t stop laughing. Thanks, Hardwick!

  • Hey chris!! I want to be your next musical guest on the next Nerdist podcast… I am TOTALLY serious!!!!! I am an aspiring singer and i would love to be on your show!!! Also, it would be amazing if Adam Savage and Craig Ferguson were there……. I TOTALLY WANT TO BE YOUR NEXT MUSICAL GUEST!!!! PLEEEAAAASE I WILL CONTINUE TO BUG YOU UNTIL THEN!!! LOLZ!!! :D here is a vid of me singing just so you know i am good… watch it Chris Hardwick… watch it i say!! :)

  • This was maybe the best Nerdist yet and that’s really saying something because they are all made of sparkling awesome.

    And Chris, do you have any idea how endearing it is that you always introduce Mike Phirman as your best bud? It is very, very endearing is how endearing it is!

  • I may have to rewind, because I’m still stuck on the panic attack analogy. So does that mean a wussie anxiety attack is just being banged between the shoulder blades?

  • I’ve loved (almost) every podcast you’ve done and your show is at the top of my podcast list… but holy fucking shit, what an episode. There are no words… well, except for the ones I just wrote.

    Thanks for the free entertainment!

  • haha, Doubleve, that was so hilarious! I may be laughing for a few more hours just because of that. Now, see, people, Chris said something positive about vaginas. He’s no misogynist, just a crazy mofo! “vaginamazing!”…..too funny!

  • Wow, loved every second. I was always torn between Craig and Conan so I never caught his full show. In the monthes since Conan’s departure I’ve grown to appreciate his sense of humor and this podcast made me even more of a fan of the man himself. Thanks Chris.

    And double thanks for introducing me to Sarah Watkins’ beautiful voice.

    I’m kinda worried going into this Ozzy podcast. Is there going to be a transcript posted along with the actual podcast?

  • I’ll admit, I started listening to your show because Craig tweeted about going to the one w/ little Adam Savage. After laughing my ass off and relating completely to the nerd vibe, I began to listen to every one of them.

    You, sir…make me laugh.

    I’ve always been proud of being a nerd, (lemme tell ya how fun being a girl nerd used to be) so anyone else who embraces it such as yourself is worth my admiration. Be proud of your work, Mr. Hardwick. It brings smiles to many.

    (P.S. Have you read Craig’s books? I highly recommend his novel if you haven’t. It’s naughty and excellent.)

  • Two very cool things happened to me today. I started off listening to Podcast #22, which I was truly enjoying, but had to stop about an hour in because of life happening and stuff. Then, a little later, I’m on twitter, and I see a tweet from @alyankovic where he posted a phone number to a pay phone. I call, getting a busy signal for quite some time. Almost gave up, but I gave it one more shot and got through! I talked to your pal, Al Yankovic, Chris! On a PAY PHONE! I was feeling so good about it, I had to brag for a while. Then, still on a high, I decided to finish listening to the podcast. I shook with laughter, and was delighted by Sara Watkins’ music. Craig was a great guest! So, thanks to you and Al Yankovic for a truly awesome and memorable day!

  • A lovely way to spend two hours: I really enjoyed that. I especially enjoyed Craig talking about Daleks. As a kid, I was obsessed with Daleks. Fascinating to know they were a metaphor for the S.S. Now that I think about it, it makes so much sense. (Great bit of brain candy.) That was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next one. Thanks, Chris. :)

  • So is there any talks into possibly filming a live podcast? It seems like a few jokes or situations go unnoticed because of the lack of visuals. Please say you are working on it. Please, please. I don’t live near L.A. Or please do some in San Francisco.

  • author

    You guys!!! I am humbled by your wonderful comments. This was so much fun to record, but you never really know how folks are going to respond. I am really glad you enjoyed it! Craig is a truly a pile of awesome.

    Now I’m off to podcast Ozzy! (for reals)

  • My first time listening to this podcast…one word…AWESOME! You’ve got a new listener! You guys are crazy funny.

    I have to admit, you totally pulled me in with Craig Ferguson. ::SWOON:: Dead sexy!

    I wish that you guys did videocasts because I would have LOVED to have seen this show!

  • Loved every second of it. Thanks, Nerdist! Your the greatest. Two funny! When asked about you’re podcast I say, “their great!”
    I wish you were the principle of my school. And my “pal” too!
    Get it? Pal? Because the princi…
    Oh wait. I don’t get that joke at all.
    Am I still talking?

  • Awesome podcast guys. Craig Ferguson continues to rule. Glad to hear you guys are being sponsored by Audible. That’s how you know you’ve really made it in the podcasting community. You’re nobody unless you’re sponsored by Audible. Also, I am a total audiobook nerd. So that rocks.

  • Craig doing the “Sean Connery as James Bond as Time Lord” bit had me laughing so hard I had to pause the podcast just to collect myself. Fantastic show!

  • If you read body language,that’s an interesting photo.Finally the curse
    words are not bleeped out.Whenever I watch US TV,being a European,it pisses me off what censors do to comedy.So this podcast’s a relieve for my ears.Craigy’s funny as hell,of course.I watch his show every day via YT.He’s the coolest guy on the planet.If nerd’s the new cool,what does that make of Craig?Noooooo….
    Looking forward to your act on LLS on 17th,Nerdist

  • Hey Nerdist-inguishable ones! I’m Zach i’m 14 and absolutely crazy about Community. I live in Australia so i’ve only seen some of it BUT, if you could use you’re “connections” to get Danny Pudi on the show… well he’s my hero and is just so awesome so yeah… Please get him on the show and ask him to make a shout out to me, Zach and my friends Tomas and Milan.

    I suppose it might have been rude of me to forget to mention that after community on my list of funny things you guys are a close 2nd if not equal first. Keep up the good work and please get Danny on the show!!

  • F***ing Amazing!!!!!! nuf said….
    Ok, I still have to say more. Your podcasts have become the high point of my week. (Sad right?) I am stuck in Topeka, Kansas so it sucks when I can’t come out. You should really think about doing a video podcast or two so tah losers like me can pick up on alot of those visual candies that make comedy just that much sweeter. Ya know, kinda in same way that G4′s feedback is shot. (Sorry, nerding out over a Feedback Nerdist crossover.) – Not trying to be a pushy fan -RSZ

  • Absolutely amazing. Now, normally, the podcasts are funny to the point of it being absurd that beings could exist that can cause such hilarity… this one, my good sir, was beyond words. I am generally a metal head, but I actually enjoyed Sara’s stuff, not a person on the face of the planet could deny how great her voice is. Man, you probably get someone saying this every other comment, but FUCK I wish I could suddenly have the resources to travel across the U.S. from PA and see one of your live shows. It would amazing, you’re one of my heroes!

    I look forward to the next podcast, and the next, and any and all that follow.

  • I love Craig Ferguson, I watch his show all the time. Is it just me, or does he do the best Sean Connery impression ever ? Sara Watkins has the most AMAZING voice :) You’re right, Mr. Hardwick, it’s wrong to say that our society is non-futuristic when women can make their vaginas smaller with lasers. Now all society needs is a penis-enlarging laser. Which might actually be a bad idea. Our species would dwindle to nothing because of all the agonizingly painful sex that people would have to endure to keep our population going due to disproportionate genitalia :/ Perhaps the future is not so bright….well maybe if you count the lasers.

  • Oh God, I am so fucking heartbroken I didn’t get to see this live. What a massive convergence of awesome people.
    Damn East Coast, why must you be so far away from LA?! *shakes fist at the sky*

    This was absolutely incredible. I’m a huge fan of Craig Ferguson and his show – he is absolutely brilliant and wonderful. I wish you could have talked to him longer, but I guess a 3 hour show would’ve been a little much.

    And holy shit, Sara Watkins was INCREDIBLE. I’ve never listened to bluegrass before, but I think I’m going to have to check out her CD (and obsessively check if she’s going to be a musical guest on the Late Late show).
    So just from the past two live shows, I’ve been turned onto a bunch of great musical comedy and at least one fantastic bluegrass musician. Thank you Nerdist Podcast; I am a VERY happy listener.

  • AMAZING podcast and I’m ready to listen again! Loved the Internet flashbacks. I’m pretty sure my first website was on Angelfire. If you guys had mentioned the ISCA BBS, my head probably would have exploded.

    Before Sara finished singing “Long Hot Summer Days,” I was clicking the “Buy” button on iTunes.

    Chris, I can definitely relate to the peer cruelty doled out in school. To this day, I can’t watch “Stand By Me,” because it makes me have flashbacks to age 11-13 thanks to two years of hearing “Boom baba boom baba” as I got off the bus.

    All that to say, thanks for being a nerd and being proud of it.

  • Holy Christ, Hardwick, you brought back a flood of memories. In the early 80′s, my mom bought me a dark blue faux-Member’s Only jacket with an Atari patch on the left breast and racing stripes down the sleeves. I wore that nerd attire with pride!!!!