Episode 18

Nerdist Podcast

Matt Walsh BONUS EP!

Nerdist Podcast #18: Matt Walsh BONUS EP!

BONUS EPISODE! Matt Walsh is a founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Chris explains what happened to L.A.’s once-thriving rail system, Jonah loves “Tales From the Crypt” and Matt likes to take romantic baths with the thought that Dave Matthews’ last name is really just his pluralized first name.

Walsh is a terrific guy and this is was a SUPER fun episode.

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  • For people who quote/reference Star Wars so often, it made me kind of sad that no one knew the correct release years of the original trilogy (’77, ’80, ’83). Oh, well. Still a great podcast, as always! Keep it up!

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    Yeah, I “spaced” on the years (see what I did there). If it helps, though, I did see all of them in the theater for their initial runs. Several times.

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    Matt Mira sorted him out! He grabbed everything off the server and dropped it onto Leopard mail. Walsh had never done that in the history of his email, so it took an hour and a half. It was fun, though, cuz we all got to hang out longer.

  • WebCrawler was a search engine, not a web browser.

    Surprisingly, it still exists. Come to think of it, I think that first sentence would sound better in the voice of CBG.

  • I can’t believe how badly Matt Walsh was interrupted (not by Chris) when he was asked how he liked going to church as a kid. Matt Walsh, “Yes, when I was a kid I enjoyed it, but” “WELL I …” then the other guy launched into a 10 minute story. I want to hear more from the guests!

    (Just some constructive criticism from a loyal listener)

  • @Amber somewhere up there days ago: Completely agree about the theme song. Every time I hear it I think a) sweet podcast is on its way or possibly b) the best NES title/theme ever…that doesn’t exist. Then I get kinda sad, then happy again when the show goes on. \m/

  • Clearly I’m going through the backlog, but I just wanted to say, Thank you, Jonah! It’s so nice to hear someone recognize that Walt was not an artist but a business man. It’s a sore spot because my family worked for the company for 3 generations, we were there at the beginning and people just assume Walt did everything by himself including the artwork. He was great at hiring talented people to make money for him, but dude didn’t even find the land for the studio by himself. Sorry for the mini rant, but seriously, thank you.

  • I live in Aurora IL.! I wish I had known about the naperville show. Naperville is the WASP capitol of America. Actually, I think a friend of mine met Matt at a bookstore. I gotta try to find and follow that poorly named Twitter of his… and figure out how Twitter works.