Episode 152

Nerdist Podcast

Happy Everything!

Nerdist Podcast #152: Happy Everything!

Our last hostful podcast of 2011 finds Chris with a stand-up related announcement, Jonah living next door to an ex-crackhouse and Matt with a…”issue” that he refuses to get looked at. Also, Michael Yo comes into the studio to fetch his keys & phone and ends up chatting with the lads for a few minutes. He would want us to remind you that his he is @michaelyo on Twitter, so we just did! In closing, have great everything this holiday season!

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  • Honestly you guys, thanks for this year and last. You got me through the year feeling good about myself. Chris, your book has been a big help. And Matt and Jonah both of you guys, along with Chris, give me good insight into my own personal relationships with my friends and for that you rock! Thanks again, and happy holidays to you all!!

    P.S. Chris your special will rock
    P.P.S Matt get that shit checked out (see what I did there)

  • Can someone start a kickstart program for Better Bottoms: Less Bloody for Mira-Booey? 99 bucks get you the video of Matt’s colonoscopy. A better cause could be Diana’s Relief: The Nerdist Bathroom (Toilet) Beautification Program. I wouldn’t mind actually donating to it AND it could be an excuse for us (the non-US, not-going-to meltdown listeners) to get a video of Nerdmelt/ Meltdown Comic. Just kidding about that. Can someone video every room in Meltdown Comics/Nerdmelt so that people in other countries know where Matt has bowel movements @_@ (:P).

    This podcast may have been the best thing to happen in my life (probably not but it’s pretty high up there). So many wonderful off-shots from getting Nerdmelt Theatre, getting new podcasts in the Nerdist Industries, getting Todd Glass for podcasting(THE BEST PODCAST in the the WORLD!!!!), loads of listener interaction, new live Hostfuls for the fans, getting into BBC America and have the podcast expand from there and You and your band of nerdlings getting better jobs. If something like that Stitcher incident happens again just remember there are fans here that give a damn about this.

  • There’s an interesting interview on Youtube where Tarantino lists his top twenty favorite movies since he began directing in 1992 and Battle Royale was the all time best for him. The rest are mainly foreign films as well but he also has Team America and Matrix on there.
    A most likely unintended connection is that Dies Irae was used in the trailer for Battle Royale as well as this video Jonah did, which has a somewhat similar premise.

  • I just wanted to say happy holidays to Chris, Matt and Jonah. All your fans love and appreciate all the amazing stuff you give us as gifts year round. While acknowledging that it is hard work (and hopefully fun work) we hope you continue long into the future.For Chris- the comedy special will be great, your comedic voice speaks to a lot of people and we would love to hear it in that form. So please trust yourself and just get it done, we will watch. Also to Chris, on the personal side, I had heard about the break up before but you mentioned it and I just wanted to wish you the best in that arena of life as well. To Matt, listen to Chris and Jonah about your health they have your best interest in mind. I seemed like you had a great year personally and proffesionally, 2012 will be even better. I hope you and Greta are well and have a happy holidays. To Jonah, I hope you and Deanna have a good holiday and I hope the crackheads stop coming around. Also looking forward to the seecond album it will be great. Nick has also been on a few times and is great and deserves a big thanks. Sorry for the long post, but you guys deserve a lot of thanks and appreciation. Till next year, it has been AMAZING.

  • Chirs: off topic, but i have to tell you that i am still cackling 24 hours after hearing your intro on the Doug Loves Movies Christmas special. Your whip-crack-quick rebuttal to Mark Marons slam was inspired and hillarioso!

    On a personal note: its been a rough year and discovering you, Matt, n Jonah’s podcast has brought alot of laughs…i appreciate it more than I can say, and look forward to the continued building o the Nerdist empire in 2012!!!

  • Just want to echo all the sentiments of the previous posters giving you tons of thanks for all the work you have done this year. Can’t count all the hours of entertainment and laughs you have given me. Nice to have a place with a positive outlook to come to when I need some encouragement and comedy. Looking forward to seeing you in Minneapolis in March more than is probably healthy. Which brings me to my final point. Matt, go to the F’in doctor. I really want you to be in MN too. Happy everything and hope you’re enjoying holiday burritos.

  • Hey guys, thanks for all the fantastic podcasts from you and the other nerdist podcasts, (LOVE the indoor kids and you made it weird) just wanted to say thanks, happy holidays, and im looking forward to all that you will provide next year and super excited to see you live in boulder in marchyou guys rule, your’e doing great, keep it up. Also while i listened to this i was enjoying a breakfast burrito.

  • Matt,

    From Matt to Matt, get that checked out. You have to be at the Boulder show. If you are not, I will run over your grave with a golf cart. Not angry, just concerned. Blood in the brown is not good for you. Please go to the doctor.

    My favorite part of this is Jonah getting serious with the house situation and on Matt. He seems like a good dude and he would be the best in a zombie attack because he snaps into action when shit gets real.

    Chris I love you too. Thanks for the show. It is always the best part of my podcast week.

    I love everything,

  • That awkward moment when you finally empathise with Jonah every time he says “Jesus CHRIST Matt…”

    But seriously, please be safe. All of you! 2011 has been immeasurably LESS crap thanks to the nerdist, so thanks SO much guys. See you in the new year!

  • Ok….”breakup” you say? Is this Greta you’re talking about?
    2010 and 2011 were so much better with you goofs in them. Alternate timelines containing no Nerdist podcast all end poorly about midway through 2010. Looking at one now…who could’ve guessed that your very existence prevented an alien contact event in July 2010 that the history books would refer to as “The Popcorn People Scenario?” Who wants to be turned inside out? No one, that’s who! Thanks!

  • Thanks, guys for a great year of content, and thanks in advance for another year.

    Matt, I hope everything is okay.

    Oh the awesome side, Battle Royale is a great movie. A great book too. I imagine they’re probably showing it because Hunger Games was kinda sorta blatantly “inspired” by it. Takeshi Kitano is fantastic in the movie, but I recommend the book if you ever have the time.

    And a Universal Tiding of Good Cheer to you guys, and to everyone else!

  • “Don’t shit any blood on your way out the door.” I know its a serious situation but Vajonah’s delivery of this made my day.

    Good to have you back Jonah.
    Matt get your shit checked out.
    Congratulations on your plans for your stand-up Chris. Sure it will be great.
    Happy stuff to yous guys.

  • To quote Jazz from that one Robot Chicken sketch.
    “So get your ass checked before it’s too late turkeys.”
    Because I want to see all of the Nerdist Podcast gents in MN when you are live, not 2/3rds.

  • If you’re shitting black blood, go to the doctor ASAP. If you put together a twitter campaign to pay for doctor bills, I’m sure people would contribute.

    Although I do have to wonder why you don’t have insurance working on a tv show. The year I went without insurance was pretty terrifying!

  • Matt: Blood in the stool is the scariest frickin’ thing I can think of personally. Get that shit checked out (no pun intended).

    Everyone at Nerdist: Thanks muchly for the awesome podcasts put up here. They definitely entertain. Here’s to having more awesome guests on in 2012.

  • I love the Cinefamily mentions! It’s my favorite theatre. They constantly have not only great screenings & series, but awesome interactive, creative things too. For instance, I saw the real (!!) Tony Clifton there.

  • sorry to double comment, but have you guys ever considered doing a strictly Music-related podcast? Not weekly, but maybe monthly or something? Clearly Jonah seems to be the most “music nerd” (i identify myself as a music nerd..) of the bunch, but Chris & Matt, you also seem to have a love for tunage.

    Incidentally, I had this thought when Jonah was introduced on Who Charted?, & his intro music was Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Holland, 1945″. I thought, “I want to hear a podcast where people talk about Neutral Milk Hotel & Daniel Johnston & Guided By Voices & The Gun Club & PJ Harvey”. &, you know, a lot of others…

  • I totally agree with the statement that there should be more shows like The Twilight Zone. And there are! Well, at least one that I know of. You should check out british Channel 4’s Black Mirror (written by Charlie Brooker, who also wrote the great Dead Set, Jonah might know about it). It’s an anthology of stories involving the influence of new technologies on modern society and it has a lot of sci-fi elements. Just a teaser: in the first episode the British PM gets an ultimatum by kidnappers: he has to fuck a pig on national television or they will kill the Princess of Britain. Great show (and sadly only 3 episodes long).

    Greetings from Valencia (the one in Spain).

  • I’m reading your book now, and I’ve found several typos. It’s possible one of the first typos I found is correct, and I’m just not getting what you wrote. Do you want me to send you the page # and typos I’ve found? I grew up with a mom who’s an editor by trade, so it’s her fault…. :) Otherwise I’m enjoying the book!

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Years! I’m hoping I can afford to come see you in Iowa City, or even better go to C2E2 in Chicago, and see you there! It’s be my first con ever, unless you count a Star Wars Celebration?

  • Love the podcast, HATE Michael Yo or however you spell his last name…Also heard some other comedians talking about Michael on another poodcast & his little appearance on the pod did nothing but reinforce his doucheyness…

    Other than that keep up the Great work Chris, Matt, & Jonah!!!

  • Go see a doctor, Matt Mira! I’ve been listening to this podcast for six months now, and this is the first time I’ve felt the overwhelming urge to comment–you need to get that checked out! The show just wouldn’t be the same without you, and I’d hate to hear on the next hostful that Matt couldn’t be here because he’s in the hospital.

  • I’m a closet nerd, and probably not totally in you guys area, but on the rim. Never mind if i know everything you talk about, you guys speak my lingo and are way funny. sorry I so late to your podcast, don’t worry I’m not going anywhere for now on. :))

  • Matt, I heard about a show called “High Bid Doctor Wars”- contestants bid on wildcard medical procedures covered by different medical insurance companies and direct pay clinics. You should check it out.

    The random catchphrase of my favorite hypochondriac bidder is “DOCTA! Get it checked and check it out!!” It didn’t go over well when they were touring the Intensive Care Unit.

    (I hope by now you’re okay/advised by a medical doctor.)

  • What is the name of that canadian singer at the end of the podcast? I really liked the style, and want to hear more. Love the podcast, it’s opened up a lot of music, reading, movies and overall nerd culture that I may never have accessed otherwise.