Episode 135

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #135: TJ MILLER

Comedian TJ Miller talks about releasing a weird rap album, wearing tuxedos in the morning and why he did Yogi Bear. We found him to be a very sweet guy who is quite methodical about his madness!

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  • Love the shout out to u of a, go hogs!
    Can you explain when you went to
    The u of a? What did you like about it etc.

  • Gonna give this a tumble as I’ve heard and enjoyed TJ a couple o’ times on Adam’s show.
    Ya know, hold your fingers in front of some of the background behind TJ in that picture, and I’d swear he was a young Chevy Chase.
    I’m just sayin’…

  • Great to hear T.J. hilarious and I have to see that bear video. Also I really wanted to also thank you guys for your film recommendations, just washed The Dark Backward yesterday and it was equal parts weird and awesome. Funny for all the strangest reason and Bill Paxton is crazy as hell in that movie. Also watched 3 o’clock high and easily one of the best high school movies I have ever seen. Thanks again.

  • I’ve loved TJ since “Carpoolers”. Damn funny show and he killed as Marmaduke on it. Love whenever he pops up in a movie or on “Chelsea Lately”. Great podcast.

  • Dam I can’t believe I missed the P-town show, I have been looking forward to it for months, but it happened to be a weekend that I had to be out of town. Please come back soon.

  • Listening to T.J.’s “Extended Play E.P.” on Spotify only because it was mentioned here (otherwise I’d have been clueless). It’s actually good. Sounds like a lot of work went into this joke and I’ve been a fan of most, if not all, 20 tracks I’ve listened to so far.

    Deep breath.

    21 more to go.

  • Was anybody else(pleasantly) suprised when the conversation switched over to the singularity? Chris any chance of having Ray Kurzweil on the podcast ? Your nerd cred would increase exponentially.

  • TJ made an interesting point in this episode about appealing to a broader audience in order to entertain the masses and generate attention. I understand that you guys (Matt, Chris and Jonah) are happy with having a niche of “nerdy people” as your audience, which is fine. However, I thought that I should say that while you may be appealing to that group in particular, the podcasts are very funny and entertaining in their own right, so don’t underestimate your influence!

    Keep up the great work!

  • One of my absolute favorite Hardwickisms is the fake dramatic singing, or whatever you call it. It’s always kind of the same voice but somehow gets me every time, especially when it’s singing I Will Always Love You. #MajorSqueeeeeeeHashtaggingOutsideTwitter

  • This was perfectly timed. I just caught some parts “Extract” over the weekend after I’d seen it in the theater. T.J. Miller is hysterical in that movie; he’s perfect. I had no idea he was a voice in “How to Train Your Dragon,” too. I love that movie. It’s nice to hear that he’s also very charming being himself.

    I also just listened to Hodgman interview Neil DeGrasse Tyson about the singularity. I know you guys have been trying, but I really think NGT would be a fantastic guest.

  • Clarification on previous post about “nerdy people”:

    I think that I misinterpreted Chris’ definition of ‘nerd’ (mine has more to do with knowledge, whereas he talks about ‘nerdiness’ in terms of personality).

    I don’t think that it particularly matters, but I just thought I’d say it for the record.

    That’s real juice – drink it up!

    (I doubt that it actually is real juice – I just enjoy using that phrase!)

  • Thesaurus! The “amazing” stuff hurts my ears!

    I don’t give a shit really, considering you put out good stuff and it truely is “amazing”. I like the redesign of the website. It makes it sooooo much easier to navigate.