Episode 129

Nerdist Podcast

Emma Caulfield

Nerdist Podcast #129: EMMA CAULFIELD

Bonus Episode!!! The lovely and hilarious Emma Caulfield joins us to chat about transitioning out of “Buffy” and into the business of building her career as a producer and actress with “Bandwagon” and other cool projects. Plus! Chili talk! Also, weather with Sunny Showers and traffic on the ones…[jingle] “K-N-R-Deeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

Find Emma at and!

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  • you couldnt handle me woman. just wanted to say nice dress and have fun lol you will never meet me or know who I am but you are cute. have fun with the 20 billion weirdos lol peace girly

  • YEss…i’ve been following you two forever on twitter talking about finally having her on the show and ya finally did! Love Bandwagon, loved Timer and still miss Anya..Emma Caulfield = solid win

  • Is this why you two had relations of the twitty variety some days/weeks ago? Is it bad to confess that I go to your twitter to be entertained?

    Onto the listening! ty again nerdcast.

  • ohh! , nice!
    for the better part of two years i tried to get ahold of “bandwagon” ,download, dvd or whatever.. but it was simply impossible to find. And now i find out its a webseries(!!!!). totaly awesome!

    greap podcast.

  • I love those boots. People don’t can see TV for free. They think watching TV on the net is no big deal. Football is homoerotic violence that makes dad so angry. Some people in the world are allergic to turkey. I have funds to invest in a web series.

  • I almost couldn’t bear to listen to the amount of wilful delusion on this episode. Emma doesn’t want to be known for Buffy? Bad luck. It’s television. We aren’t your friends. You have your own friends. Ask some of the grownups on Buffy like Anthony Head or James Marsters if they mind being recognised for a job ten years ago. I get why Chris Hardwick, someone who’s unknown outside America, would egg her on with his own tortured plea for recognition – I gather he’s a comedian (because he keeps repeating it) and they need tons of external validation – but honestly, this was an almost completely unlistenable amount of juvenile bullshit.

  • Of poor Fraac. If only you could have stopped listening to the free podcast at some point. My condolences.


    I met Emma at a con a couple years back. She couldn’t have been sweeter. I asked her to sign a photo for a friend who lives in Brazil and we started gushing about we were both jealous of him :)

  • I enjoyed this one [no surprise there]. I very much like Emma [I watched Buffy over the summer – now watching: Angel], and she was funny and cute, and I really hope she succeeds at all of her projects.
    However, people should get over piracy, illegal downloads etc. It exists, it won’t go away. Adapt.
    Also, I know it probably sucks that people call her Anya, but you know, it’s one of the things that you kinda subscribe to if you’re going to be an actor.

  • Sorry fraac, can’t agree with you there. Calling an actress by the name of a character they played – much less a character they played ten years ago – is just sad. She does have a name, you can manage to refer to her by it. I think their discussion about having older work associated with them and wanting to break away was pretty engaging, actually. Being recognized for and being conflated with a character or a previous job are two different things.

  • Great podcast!
    I watched Buffy for the first time over the last weeks and I know Emma only as Anja (My favorite character on the show.^^) and I’m really excited to dive into her work after Buffy. Seems to be a good time for that. :)
    Side note: A lit podcast with Amber Benson made me really excited about her books/work after Buffy. Podcasts are just the best.

  • @Wade I believe Big C said bonus episode because usually we only get 2 glorious podcasts in a 7 day period. So having 3 within that 7 day time frame is like a special treat. Which.. you know.. it is :)

  • I’ve never seen Singled Out. And I had never heard of Chris Hardwick before this year (sorry) when I listened to the Nathan Fillion episode, so you will always be the Nerdist to me.

  • Don’t think you guys mentioned it (though it may have slipped past me) but I wanted to throw in a mention for a great little romantic comedy called Timer that Emma did. I think it’s still on Netflix Instant, and it is definitely worth a watch. A really nice surprise with a cool sci fi concept.

  • Hey Chris love the show I was wondering if you could talk about nanowrimo on the podcast, its the national novel writing month. During the month of nov. the goal is to write a 50,000 word novel. I did it the last two years. It’s really cool.

    check it out

  • [Homer Simpson voice] Mmmmm…Emma Caulfield…
    I think I need to watch “Timer” again–I think I was too distracted
    to appreciate it when I saw it.
    Great conversation. You both had cogent arguments about what fuels the conflation of actors and their roles by fans(and what that means for the culture, beyond the people immediately affected by it). May I suggest a brilliant book about this(despite being some years old, I think it’s just as relevant now)? Read former Time film critic(& fellow Milwaukeean) Richard Schickel’s “Intimate Strangers”; he presents a very compelling argument that modern-day obsession with TV personalities _is_ actually different in kind(not just degree) from fandom in the days of only stage/radio/movies.

  • Wait…how did Emma NOT know about furries?? She’s a furry from WAY back. Or am I the only one that remembers the Buffy Halloween episode where Anya was dressed as the big pink bunny??


  • Okay so when is Alex Albrecht gonna be on the podcast I always wondered how much cross interaction there was between you two. With him as a guest that would surely be one of the most off the wall hysterical episodes.

  • I watched the Bandwagon movie and it’s hilarious. I’m glad her hard work is starting to pay off with the webseries ending and Ripper coming out this month.

  • I’m a little weirded out by Sam’s comment for some reason. He sounds like a pervy, dirty trenchcoat-wearing, mildly coked up leprechaun who’s just learning how to use the internet and for some reason thought Emma was talking about him for the whole podcast.

  • I think she comes across really bitter about being known for Buffy and it made me dislike her a lot and not want to support her future projects. Eliza Dushku does it right, she embraces her past roles and in my opinion makes her have a future work something ‘I’ll want to pay attention to. Emma just sounds like she’s mad that the world won’t pay attention to her.