Episode 125

Nerdist Podcast

Tom Wilson

Nerdist Podcast #125: TOM WILSON

Tom Wilson talks about performing at the Comedy Store in the early 80s, creating his gorgeous pop art, and the audition process for Back to the Future. Tom is such a terrific guy and we absolutely LOVED recording this episode with him! Like, this will go down as one of our faves. For realsies.

Tom’s website is here! And his podcast, Big Pop Fun, will be launching soon on the Nerdist Network.

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  • Tom really seems like one of the real ‘nice guys of Hollywood’. Everything I’ve ever seen him in (including some of his standup stuff on YouTube – seriously, check out “Biff’s Question Song”… hilarious stuff), he’s always seemed like a really genuine guy. Very cool that he and the other genuine nice-guy Michael J. Fox got to make those movies together. Couldn’t have happened to two nicer guys.

  • Great Scott. Whoa this heavy! Complete nerdgasm. Seriously. Clean up on aisle pants. Tom Wilson always seems so utterly nice. And it was always very cool whenever he showed up on freaks & geeks. I can’t wait to start listening to his podcast as well. Awesome job Nerdist!

    p.s. everyone should watch the Nerdist tv show on BBC America this Saturday after Dr. Who.
    “Be there or be square.”

  • Second podcast needed: there was so much more to talk about! But I guess that’s why he has his own podcast. Which (by the way) Chris and/or Matt and/or Jonah should guest-visit.

  • This is amazing and definitely one of my favorite episodes that you have done. I didn’t know much about Tom Wilson other then Biff but this was a great conversation with a very interesting person.

    Back to the Future belongs in what I call my “childhood happy-time”(along with movies like Ghostbusters, Who Frames Roger Rabbit, Jurassic Park , Aladdin and The Lion King.) that are part of the core pop culture that helped to shape my young interests and future sense of humor and likes, so it is great to hear stories from someone who is part of that.

    Thanks for a great podcast and keep doing great work

  • That podcast with Tom was so good, just so many facets to a guy who expresses himself so well, and has a solid sense of who he is. It reminds me of the 1st Nerdist episode I listened to, the Billy West interview that had both me and The Nerdist boys going “holy shit, what a life!” It hooked me in Nerdist, as I hope this one will gain you new followers.

    Definitely a candidate for a Best Of Nerdist playlist. Kudos guys, and I can’t wait to tune in to Tom’s podcast.

  • ‘Latin Convention’ with whatever year Chris attended it needs to be a new t-shirt sold here.

    What a delightful podacast! Tom Wilson was just a genuine and funny and nice guy. The postcard is GENIUS.

  • I was so happy to hear Tom say he did Forensics in his youth for I did the very same. I always held it as a very very important part of my early development into nerdy-ness and a way to surround myself with like minded folks in high school. NFL members for life!


  • What an interesting man. I knew basically nothing about him before this podcast. His performance of the bully in Back to the Future was so convincing that he has always been the bully to me. He is impressive.

  • What a suprisingly great episode. Tom Wilson in Back to the Future was always been that boogie man on the back of my head (I’m not a fan of BttF but it’s great). Damn, this guy is more interesting to me as himself than that big bully in Back to the Future (admittedly the only part I know him in). lols on the awesome info sheet on Tom Wilson. Thanks Nerdcast.

    Is the new podcast going to be a nerdist sponsored endevour or it just gets updates from whatever his main base site is (I don’t know how the internet works)?

    :/ kind of a tiny bummer when you realise this was done in Matt’s NASA days then again I’m still listening to old episodes still. No more updates on the Fatstronaut twitter acc. Matt?

  • One of the best Nerdist podcasts yet! I had to rewatch the scene with Biff getting punched in the diner, and the guy that punches him is too tall to be Michael J. Fox. Awesome BTTF trivia!

  • Thanks for the fantastic episode.

    I by no means consider myself to be a comedy buff but after listening to this I feel like I’ve had a thoroughly entertaining history lesson. Tom Wilson seems like a fantastic person and I’m really looking forward to his podcast

  • I love Tom Wilson, and I’m super excited for his new podcast. He was on Never Not Funny recently, and that was a fantastic appearance as well. Check out his stand-up set on Netflix “Bigger Than You”.

  • Great podcast! Very much enjoyed hearing Tom, his life, and all that he’s done since those movies. Also, way more impressed that the bully is actually a nerd! (and became choked up doing those scenes). Will definitely check out his podcast too.

  • A really great podcast. Endlessly interesting. You were right, Mr. Hardwick, this might be my favorite, too. Eric Stoltz certainly was a jerk to Tom, but was also probably a young kid who thought that’s you BE an ACTOR. Either way, kinda an ass. Loved the Pryor stories. Nobody can touch Pryor in his ability to be so raw, honest. Maybe Louis CK. By the way, googled Vic Dunlop. I remember him seeing him all over TV in the ’80s. Unfortunately, he died last month. Obviously you recorded this some time ago. R.I.P., Vic.

  • Great show guys. Hey Big C any plans in the pipeline to get the whole of Nerdist Industries on East Coast tour. It would be great to see an Inside Kids and a Sex Nerd Sandra on the East coast.