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Big Bang Theory

Nerdist Podcast #123: BIG BANG THEORY

Yes! The cast of the “Big Bang Theory”! All of them!!! Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch. Also on hand were EPs Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and Steve Molaro. Recorded at San Diego Comic-con 2011.

This episode will be more enjoyable than a spontaneous orgasm generated by chewing off the ears of a chocolate bunny while riding a hoverboard to high five the universe’s boobs! #WhatDidIJustWrite

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  • Never got into the Big Bang Theory. Saw a recent episode and didn’t like it. If they turn out to be fun on the podcast I’ll have to give them another chance. Wish you hosted the Community panel though.

  • Thanks, it’s no rush just letting you know before you get the tweets from people saying “What the fuck man, why did you cut that part out!”. But thanks! And enjoy the burrito of forgetting about stupid mini-dramas #RetconThatShit #TorchwoodReferences

  • Wow, Chuck Lorre and some of the cast really seemed a little annoyed when Chris Hardwick steered the conversation into the realm of “Nerd Culture.” Don’t blame them as it seemed to be a focal point of Big C’s initial line of questioning. As someone who has only seen the occasional episode, I was really anticipating more cast insight, but the first 15 minutes were torture. Was Chris was phased by the MC’s grating voice and off-kilter delivery? I kid. I think Chris Hardwick is an intelligent interview; I just wouldn’t count this as one of his finer pieces. The only thing that could have made it worse is the presence of the perpetual self-loathing called Matt Mira.

  • author

    Wesley: I fixed it anyway.

    Brian: I was there and I don’t remember them being annoyed. Thanks for letting me know where I stand in your rating system, though. Sorry the first 15 minutes were “torture”. I salute your bravery and courage for getting through it. Your family and community must be very proud of you for your strength.

  • This made my week of vacation. Perfect timing. Keep the fantasacasting coming. When can the writing nerds get some more love? I am very fond of the author podcasts, and with a book coming out…

  • I haven’t listened to this yet, but I wanted to ask you guys about something. I like the show, but most of my friends (and much of the Nerd Culture, it seems) dismisses the show, calling it “Geek Black Face”, implying the show isn’t genuine, lacks sincerity and is actually offensive to legitimate “Geeks”. One of my friends who was in the audience (and you may be able to hear him), booed the panel for not knowing what a Tardis is. Additionally, another friend of mine dropped the show long ago after a character got the Green Lantern oath wrong.

    My question is, are they right? Is The Big Bang Theory just “Geek Black Face” and therefore should not be supported by the Geek community? What say you?

    Personally, though I consider myself a Geek, I don’t care if the cast or creators aren’t actually legitimate in that respect. I mean, if it’s revealed that Bryan Cranston doesn’t actually know how to successfully cook the finest crystal meth this side of New Mexico, should I boycott Breaking Bad? I’m of the opinion that The Big Bang Theory is funny and the cast does very well selling the comedy. That’s why I watch.

    Sure, when they reference comics I like or genre shows I watch, I smile, knowingly. However, those are mere seconds within 22-minutes of a given episode. The real substance for me lies in those fun characters, the actors who play them and how they all relate and react to each other. Often, the funniest and more rewarding moments for me aren’t even tied to Geek Cred or pop culture at all! What are your thoughts?

  • Just in case this really is torture: Please announce the Community podcast so I have something to look forward… or else I might hurt myself in nerdy ways (strangle on an ethernet cable, cut my wrist with the CPU fan)

  • @john I just posted this on the FB page. Some edits to fit your questions. To the people who say its horrible for nerd stereotypes…yes, they are. However to change the status quo you have to take baby steps with the sheeple. A show like Glee would never exist thirty years ago. A gay main character? Gasp! Now its loved by multiple communities because society got over their predjuices.

    I see the same with this show, in time. People know now that the nerds run the show. Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google. These are run by nerds, and those companies run us.

    Plus the humor isn’t horrible. The level of accuracy they go into on that show is often impressive, and I catch myself laughing at very subtle nerd humor most miss (no laugh track overtone). That said they may make mistakes. However is that our geek side getting angry over details that don’t affect most? Should we get angry every time an explosion happens right next to the hero in a movie and he gets up and walks away without a scratch? That’s not accurate by any stretch, but we choose to suspend logic or our factual knowledge for an overall enjoyment.

    Also, you can’t expect everyone to know everything about every possible show. Getting booed for not knowing what a TARDIS is? If I was an actor, boo me for not knowing about my character in the show, not about the ship in a British Scifi show that I’ve probably been told to watch in addition to 50 other great TV shows. If they said Spock was Luke’s father, ok yeah. But that’s very common trivia a majority knows.

    People should try and encourage change rather than condemn it and ridicule others. I also use the show as a springboard for non-nerds to. “Hey, you like this? Why not try Eureka, or Firefly?” It has worked several times. Viewership on those shows go up. Better advertising. More of those quality programs get made.

    TLDR: The show gives some positive images in a comedic light that could incur a social shift.
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  • @ John Pavlich

    I agree with your analogy to Bryan Cranston. These are actors, not geeks. I don’t consider it to be Geek Black Face, I consider it to be COMEDY and am grateful that the actors make it enjoyable.

    Regarding the Green Lantern oath, and “getting it wrong”, ask your friend if he never reads any Green Lantern at all since they changed the REAL oath “And I shall shed my light over dark evil. For the dark things cannot stand the light, The light of the Green Lantern!” Or if he realizes that there have been a number of different oaths, and maybe this one is Sheldons. Or if he just doesn’t like the Muppets (google Green Lantern Muppets if you don’t know what I’m talking about – they “got it wrong” as well).

    Chris – Count me as one of the people happy that I was able to “survive” the first 15 minutes :)

  • Are people really trying to draw parallels between blackface and a sitcom about nerds? Christ. Think about the way you react to things before you get wound up about negative stereotypes.