Episode 119

Nerdist Podcast

Bryan Cranston

Nerdist Podcast #119: BRYAN CRANSTON

Bryan Cranston talks “Breaking Bad,” finding Hal’s center on “Malcolm”, getting a call from Tom Hanks to play Buzz Aldrin, and marketing his exciting new culinary treat. Special unexpected but welcome appearances by Rainn Wilson and Phoenix Jones!

This episode should win a friggin award!!

*sidenote: VERY limited spoilers. Like, maybe one tiny one from Season 3. We skated around plot points in case our listeners hadn’t seen the awesomeness of BB yet.

*update: Here’s the snazzy group photo we took during the podcast

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  • And just like that I have a crush on Mr. Cranston! This episode was SO FUN! I was getting kind of disinterested and desensitized to the too many podcasts I’ve been listening to lately, but this managed to crack me up many times! Oh boy do I wish you would have run around Seattle with Phoenix Jones in a Jimmy Olsen-like fashion. This is already a cartoon in my head.

  • Hey Chris, you mentioned you hadn’t seen Nicolas Winding Refn’s Bronson or Valhalla Rising, but were urged to check them out by Matt and Jonah. I third that urging, with an additional three suggestions of Refn’s work— The PUSHER trilogy. They are AMAZING! Three very different, very great takes on characters involved in the Copenhagen criminal underworld. Refn is a great director, and I was o grateful to discover him proper earlier this year (after having watched Bronson last year).
    I cannot wait for Drive to come out, as even in the trailers and clips available online, the legacy of PUSHER is VERY present.

  • This was such a great episode. Love Bcran, Big C, MiraBooey and VaJonah.
    I mean no harm in pointing this out, it is just an observation: Did anyone else notice when Big C says “it’s Phoenix Jones you guys!” that it sounded as if it were spliced in? Or am I crazy?

    Have I just outed myself as an audio-nerd? I think I did.

  • author

    Leif: they’re not atomic numbers…119 is the episode number and 2 is season 2 of the podcast…it’s rare that i’m ever arbitrary…but good nerd eye nonetheless!

  • Fssshhhhhh, Adam Carolla had him on ages ago. Guest Fail!
    But seriously, I can’t wait to listen… no… I mean it… I CAN’T WAIT… why can’t I stop typing. It’s downloaded… ready… right there… (Faint)

  • Is “swag” a new meme or something? Starting to hear and/or see that freakin’ everywhere!

    Love me some Bryan Cranston Dick Grapes! And better yet Catherine Zeta-Jones Pussy Jelly!

  • author

    Garrett: Thanks! Actually I made it. Had a free hour yesterday and I always enjoy making the fun graphics when I have time. It’s based on the season 4 BB billboards.