Episode 118

Nerdist Podcast


Nerdist Podcast #118: Vajonah

DAMMIT if we aren’t determined to make a nickname for Jonah stick!!! PLUS, a user-submitted “Fats of Pie” theme song!

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  • Going to listen to it later but…. hoping you guys did something like this..
    “MY VAJONAH!!!!
    dada DADA dun Da dun Da dun Da
    dada DADA dun Da.. DAAA DA-DADA”

    See you guys in NY !!!!

  • I’m super happy that you are taking the podcast to the masses. I won’t be greedy since I already saw you in Montreal.

    But, I’m sure you could make Toronto work.

  • Changing subjects, can’t wait for my copy of The Nerdist Way: How To Reach Next Level In Real Life. My question was were you thinking of doing a book signing at Meltdown and then maybe a podcast (on the same day or after) talking to people about how the book has helped them? Or for everyone who has the book and gets it signed stay for a podcast?

  • Jonah

    I didn’t like the hulu plus but I bought a program called “PlayOn” which is good for what it does, basically it streams content to various devices, (I use Xbox and PS3) and has content from Hulu, Netflix, and various networks online content.

    They’ve reviewed it on X-Play and I like the program, the downside is it doesn’t have a nice interface so you basically have to scroll through lists to get what you want, but I would recommend it to help stream a lot of shows to your TV

  • Thank you for the teaching about credit and paying bills on time stuff, BUT you made me not want to do anything now. I feel more depressed now thank you very much you manperson. That bottle of Grey Goose and container of “Happy Pills” seem so good together. Anyways, Hope everything works out for you and the guys. :)
    P.S. Can you please tell Morgan Webb I said Hi.?
    P.S.S. Can I please get a shout out on AOTS when you host with Candace??
    Ok bYe

  • the first few moments of this podcast prompted my friend to call me in a fit of excitement because of the show in Portland. 10 minutes after the call originated we were the proud buyers of 2 tickets. this news was definitely the most awesome part of my week.

  • It sounds like Wells Fargo is aiding and abetting in the theft of your identity. Maybe you can get them for *that*? >:)

    Good show, by the way. Oh, and hi, I’m new here!


  • Downloaded and I just want to say that this has become my absolute favourite podcast, overtaking Hollywood Babble-on and the Bombcast over at – you guys are fantastic!

  • @Dave; I’m right there with you. I’ve been a Smodcast acolyte since the beginning but Nerdist, especially the hostfulls have become my favorites!!! Oh and Big C, BRING THE HOSTFULL TO THE GRENADA in DALLAS!!! You took my advice on bringing you and Phirman down and you loved it, and c’mon don’t forget about our sweet ass twitter wall…

  • Jonah Ray’s nick that he is bound to dislike: Jonah the Samoan or Mr/ Dr Samoan. A bit clunky but considering what we’ve heard in earlier podcast eps. he’s not going to like this one!!

    Mira-Booey, Mira-Booey!!

  • Did you threaten the Wells Fargo people with the bad publicity that screwing over you would entail? I mean, 1.5 million followers on twitter should be significant enough for them to bend over for you. It may be a shitty thing to blackmail them but they are fucking you over. I just think that this type of thing is happening to other people that can’t effect them in any way.

  • I’m pretty sure “techammendations” is the greatest bad pun in the history of mankind, I don’t know why you don’t like it, Big C.

    also, to the person that suggested Jonahrrhea: have my childrens pls?

  • Jonah,
    I had to write when I heard on the latest podcast that you don’t have cable. I’m not here to insult you. I want to praise you for being a person strong enough to sacrifice some of the things people need. You are sacrificing creature comforts for the sake of your art. Who else can say that? Don’t let anyone get you down for that.
    I have encountered some things in life that made me give up those very same things. And I am more apreciative of what I have got. Keep adding wonderful and funny comments to the podcast, especially the nickname game you play.
    Thanks for making a kindred soul smile. I really needed that.