Episode 106

Nerdist Podcast

Neil Gaiman

Nerdist Podcast #106: NEIL GAIMAN

Neil Gaiman chats with the nerds about American Gods, describes scenes that were cut from his Doctor Who ep (“The Doctor’s Wife”) and doles out PHENOMENAL advice for aspiring writers. Also, an intense spiritual discussion reveals that we are all Hodgman.

You can follow @neilhimself on Twitter and/or pick up the 10th anniversary edition of American Gods.

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  • Ive been a fan of Doctor Who since the early 90s. Been some incredible storylines but Neil’s ep is easily my new favourite. He gave us so much in 40+ minutes than any shitty Blockbuster movie in the past 20 years combined. Anything he touches turns to gold. Whadda Guy!

  • Hey, guys. I just listened to the Neil Gaiman episode and I found it fascinating, even though I’ve never seen even one episode of Dr. Who. Is that nerd heresy?

    What I’m really commenting for is to say thanks for the Minneapolis love. I like Minneapolis, too. That’s why I moved here.

    P.S. You read one of my comments on the podcast before. It was in response to a comment on Foley artists. Anyhow, I realized after hearing it that I posted as Tony L. instead of Tony K. L is my middle initial. I can’t believe I typo-ed my own name. It was really bugging me, so to satiate my compulsion, I had to correct myself here. Thank you for your indulgence.

  • BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!! I’ve loved the podcast from Day One but Neil Gaiman just took it to a whole new level. Chris, Matt and Jonah are my favorite trio of fellas. Good Job guys!

  • Go buy American Gods 10th Anniversary, Neil? Really? I think everyone who has listened to this podcast purchased that book the day it came out. At least I did. Even though I own the original. I haven’t read it yet as I over saturated my reading list for this summer. I’m picking it up as soon as I’m through Game of Thrones, though.

    Great advice, also, for aspiring writers. It’s good to hear that my first draft doesn’t count because I’m so stuck right now, I feel like I could die before this thing is finished (and I’m only in my mid 20s.)

    You, sir, are an inspiration. Thanks.

  • even tho it was a little light on the comedy for me, i think this has to be one of my all time favorite eps. i wasnt too aware of mr. gaiman work other then his doctor who eps that i was a fan of.
    i’ll be sure check out more of his work.
    good work guys.

  • great episode ! i recently read American Gods and nowadays i stalk both craigyferg and neilhimself on the tweety-box rather closely so it felt as fresh as it could be from the other side of the world. introduced me to in the process as well, just like craigyferg’s new viewers :)

  • Thanks for this wonderful podcast episode. Just finished American Gods in June and glad to hear about the future show, particularly with Neil’s view on translating his work to screen. Thanks to all involved.

  • I just saw a clip of Gaiman on Craig Ferguson’s show, and he was delightful on that. Looking forward to hearing him on Nerdist. By the way, if you haven’t read any of his comics, you should go buy them. Like, right now.

  • Whose blog did Neil talk about reading? I couldn’t understand the lSt name. It was Mark someone an I thought it would be interesting. I want to know more about late night tv.

  • Great episode, though I misheard one word near the end that almost made me choke on the food I was eating. Instead of ‘I’d love hodgeman as my butler’ I heard “I’d love hodgeman as my butt plug”. “He would just glide in” did not help the chokling matter one bit.

    And yes, I think a few hostful podcasts ago everyone mentioned being hung up on Neil’s every word, so that was not imagined!

  • So. Freaking. Awesome.

    This was an amazing podcast with an equally amazing guest. I’m not too familiar with Gaiman’s work, but I loved the episode of Doctor Who he wrote. After listening to this podcast and seeing Neil on Ferguson’s show, I’ll definitely be adding “American Gods” to my summer reading list. Thank you so much, Big C, Jonah, and MiraBooey, for introducing me – and many others, I’m sure – to so much great stuff, including Doctor Who. (Why was I not watching that show before?! It’s freaking awesome. I recently finished the new series and now I’m tackling classic Doctor Who.)

    Anyways, I’m off to listen to the podcast again. Did I mention it was awesome?

  • I didn’t check the comments, but am I the only one who thinks Neil Gaiman sounds a bit like Jonah doing a light British accent? I’m 2/3s through the episode, so I’m just waiting for the reveal at the end that Neil had mentally possessed Jonah from his orbital writer’s den.

  • Is anyone else having problems downloading this. I’ve been trying for the last few hours and for some reason it’s not going through. Haaallp.

  • @Chris
    You guys should definitely do an interview with Adam Sessler.
    He’s a major video game nerd who could tell you all about his interest in video games along with how he went from starting at G4 to becoming a CEO.

    I know i’m interested in that.
    Jus’ Sayin’

  • Listening to the simple confidence of Gaiman was wonderful. So many celebrities are desperate to talk and he is quiet. He lets space exist between his words. He allows silence and doesn’t feel the need to interupt or talk over anyone else. He sounds so kind, so comfortable in his skin. I loved this so much I immediatly logged into my local library and downloaded “M is for Magic” so I could continue to listen to his voice.

  • Chris this was amazing, I enjoyed the jokes and the insights. Mostly the bit at the end with Gaiman giving writers advice. Mr. Gaiman if you read this (he won’t most likely) thank you! I’ve had music lyrics writers block/music (as in on an instrument) block for months and I’m taking a break right now from recording a cool idea I came up with thank you! Also I’ve always loved writing and may write more often now to improve myself in all areas music and otherwise. I’m gushing sorry. But Chris great guest, great episode, great fucking podcast.
    P.S. Looking forward to my copy of *The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level in Real Life* coming Nov. 1st so I can use it to hone my focus and productivity #BigC #MiraBooey
    P.P.S Jonah needs a nickname too.

  • This was one of the lowest energy, quietest podcasts yet, now don’t get me wrong it was awesome, nay, super awesome. I do believe everyone in the room was starstruck :D I’m a late bloomer to Gaiman I heard about him through my followings of Kevin Smith. I still have yet to read American Gods, mostly because lack of time these days. Great job Big C another A+ Podcast.

    I have to cut this short my computer is yelling at me to restart it, its like a mother yelling at her son to take out the trash. In a minute! Restart Now? Not yet!!! Restart now? Hold on!! Restart now? Arrrrgghhh!!

  • Neil Gaiman got me laid! True story.

    I liked a girl and one day we got talking about Gaiman and SANDMAN. She hadn’t read the DEATH comics so I loaned her my copies and a few days later I got to make the sex on her.

    So thanks, Neil.

  • What a wonderful interview, so very grateful for the advise about writing. Loved seeing Neil Gaiman on Craig Ferguson’s show, he really is a ‘nice guy’ :D

  • Thank you so much for that great interview and for letting Mr. Gaiman talk at length about Doctor Who and everything else. I just started listening to your podcast a few months ago, after seeing you moderate the Doctor Who panel at WonderCon in SF, and it has quickly become my favorite. I look forward to it every week because you interview people that I like and turn me on to other people that I should like. Keep up the good work! You guys are awesome!

  • I love the long contemplative pauses. There were many times where I expected my phone to start ringing. Also, hearing more behind the scenes of The Doctors Wife was great. As J-Rod said above, it was a nice change of pace. Not superior or inferior. Just different. Nice work.

  • Excellent Advice about First Drafts @Neilhimself.
    I shall now no longer procrastinate over starting scripts.

    Anytime there’s an appreciation for@CraigyFerg is good by me. That’s how I found out about Chris and this Site.

    And Is it just me or was there an audible sense of awe in our Hosts. There seems to be so little of Jonah and Mira-Booey during this chat. Neil finished all his sentences without interruption and because his speaking manner includes long pauses it felt that there wasn’t that high energy of usual Nerdist Podcasts.

    It felt that you guys were hanging on his every word.
    I would have been the same.
    Thanks. Loved it.

  • This post serves as officially a legal and binding documented restraining order:

    Nerdists…you are hereby restrictred from comming within 50 yards of my brainwaves any more. Clearly you’ve adopted some kind of mind reading sorcerery/witchcraft/necromancing as you, weekly, manage to read my mind and pick “the perfect guest”. Its downright spooky. Gaiman?? Perfect!

    Its not that i dont appreciate it. I do. Immensely. Its just that with powers such as that you’ll be able to pick up other items in my brainbucket that i wish to keep secret. I’d hate to have my future senatorial bid squashed when blog reporter “Scoop” Mira asks “is it true that you, in fact, had not only a crush on the drummer from the Go-Go’s in the 80s but also 2 of the 3 Golden Girls??”. The horror. The horror. Please get out of my dreams………

    (and…yes early 80s afficianados…..”….into my car”.)

    Peace & Keep Up the Kick@ss ‘cast


  • Note:
    I went to share this on Twitter whilst listening to the podcast in the middle of it and it did not open up a new screen, it just moved me away from podcast! Arg!
    Anyway, I’m fortunate to have been turned on to Who just recently and now i get the opportunity to read NG.
    Should I start with Sandman or the novels?
    I remember them from the early 90′s but never got into it! =( Thanks for a great show!!

  • Holyhodgemanshit! It is like Obi Wan Kenobi and Gandalf the Grey had a child who was raised by Yoda and let loose on the world. I will listen to this podcast many times.

  • Thank You! So Much! Exactly what I needed to hear “your first draft doesn’t matter”! Whenever I finish my novel you fellas will be getting a copy… free of charge! unless you really want to send me $14.99 in the mail!? huh? yeah!? *wink wink nudge nudge*

  • I should probably send this to my mom, as she is a huge Gaiman fan as well.

    But I’m going to have to listen to it first to make sure no one says Vader Pussy.

  • ………………………………….i seriously love you guys.
    the first novel i read was by neil gaiman and im currently reading his work with marvel.

    this podcast makes me happy.

  • Ahhhhhh, I’ve been waiting for this episode for such a long time!!! Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, and a huge inspiration. Thanks so much for bringing this to us! :-D