Episode 73

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks


Mike and Tom Eat Snacks #73: Gingerbread

Mike and Tom may still be on the run, but they have time to stop for a snack!

This episode’s music: The Hoagies- In Your Mouth



  • TC, as I lawyer I have to advise you that you made the right decision to completely gloss over the potential legal ramifications of Mr. Magic’s babysitting incident (as that was obviously a non-sexual sexual encounter) and focus on his willy nilly punching of Gingerbread boys a la Pol Pot. As the famous saying goes, a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich. (Though Mr. Magic clearly identifies as Jewish, the concept still applies regardless of the pork product composition.) As a long time viewer (I know I am not a viewer), I have to say I agree that Mr. Magic did not even look stressed, so good luck using that defense. Why not try to hit home his respect for (16 year old) women? If it comes down to it, I hope you will consider doing the next podcast from whatever correctional facility Magic is in. Not that he would get a lot of jail time in my legal opinion. Statutorily speaking, I don’t think cookies are technically considered human people. I can do more research on this for a small retainer.