Episode 61

Making It

Thomas Middleditch

Making It #61: Thomas Middleditch

Riki talks with actor/comedian Thomas Middleditch (The Campaign, Fun Size, The Office Spinoff) about improv, nudity and the definition of a comedian.

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  • He reminded me of a few performers I’ve worked with in the past. He seemed very real, which I can respect, even if it’s not my cup of tea. He was a little insightful at the end, not groundbreaking, but good to hear someone actually say it. I hope his future girlfriends never use his computer!

  • I started listening to this just based on the comments because I enjoy a good disaster, but as it turns out, this guy was immensely enjoyable. The comments are sincerely baffling to me. In fact, a large part of me feels like everyone is joking. Why is he a douchebag? Because of the way in which he talks about sex?

  • I have no idea what these negative comments are all about. i’m guessing that they don’t understand what “yes and” is, or they have very large vaginas.

    This episode was super entertaining, funny, and had a great discussion.

  • Feel the same way as the last two people who commented: this was one of the best “Making It” podcasts for me! Insightful, entertaining, good conversations between Riki and Thomas. To me, he didn’t come across as douchey at all. Thanks for sharing and all the best for the future!