Episode 51

Making It

Paget Brewster

Making It #51: Paget Brewster

Riki talks with actress Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds, Huff) about a really lucky week, working on Friends, and a record number of pilots.

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  • Oh my Shit! I think I got my heart stolen by this beautiful woman when I first saw her in Andy Richter Controls the Universe and I now think this woman is fantastic in Beyond Belief. I just think she’s funny and beautiful… @_@*.

    *sorry for drooling.

  • Paget is SO amazing. I love her so much! She’s so beautiful, funny, quirky, and just… EVERYTHING GOOD! She is so incredible. She is definitely my idol and will be forever. I’ll miss her on CM, though. LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • I really enjoyed this interview with Paget B. I’m a long time fan of Criminal Minds and will miss her presence on the show in the coming season, but now fully understand her decision to leave. This podcast is my first at nerdist and I also really enjoyed Riki’s easy, breezy, ‘just us girls’ method of hosing and interview. I’ve already bookmarked several more of her interviews for later listening. Thanks for the entertainment and the edification on behind the scenes of film, etc..

  • Many years ago, I listed to the audio commentary for THE SPECIALS, and was completely charmed by how forthright, hilarious, and amazingly quick Paget is. I’ve been a huge fan of hers ever since, and if possible, I adore her even more after hearing this awesome interview. Riki continues to provide the best podcasting on the Nerdist network. :)

  • I plan on listening to this as soon as I can, but I already know I’m going to love every minute of it. Paget Brewster is a GODDESS! I’ve been an avid fan since Andy Richter’s show, but REALLY fell in love when I found out that it was Paget doing the voice of Birdgirl. Thank you for your exquisite choice of guests!

  • I love how Paget Brewster is absolutely freaking adorable about the fact that she is adorable. For those of you who haven’t checked out her work, you absolutely should. She’s such a brilliant actress that, after watching every episode of Huff religiously, it took me a year of watching Criminal Minds before someone told me it was the same actress. I refused to believe it because I loved her CM character and hated her Huff character – and that’s when I realized how skilled she really is. And ended up loving her on Huff watching it the second time. :)