Episode 46

Making It

Robert Ben Garant

Making It #46: Robert Ben Garant

Riki talks with writer/actor/director Robert Ben Garant (Reno 911, The State, Night at the Museum) about the formation of The State, becoming a professional writer and finding new ways to get ideas.

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  • This was a pretty decent interview, although I was a little disappointed that Riki didn’t go for the jugular and get Robert Ben Garant to finally admit that his entire career up until this point has been one long, carefully orchestrated ruse designed to get him to the point where he is in a position to write a movie (Hell Baby) wherein Riki Lindhome disrobes. It’s diabolical. Well played, sir. Well played.

  • GuanoLad —

    The Tao Teh Ching makes some interesting observations — Everything must happen for a reason, otherwise how could it possibly happen?

    Name yourself “Sh*t Lad” — and this will become so.

  • At one point in the interview Ben brings up getting 2 million to make Hell Baby and states how by hollywood standards it isnt all that much…this is then followed up by Riki informing us “Most people don’t make that (2 million) in a year.”…No kidding, really, Riki??? I had to rewind it a few times, each time hoping i had heard luck. Are you that detached from economic reality or was it simply jibber jabber/thinking without speaking on your part?

  • Just catching up on backlogged episodes and HOLY MOSES! Such a SERIOUSLY GREAT episode about the work involved in becoming a paid writer — I really, really enjoyed this.

    So glad this is a thing and people are sharing their stories! It’s such an inspiring reality check. Love it!