Episode 10

Making It

Bo Burnham

Making It #10: Bo Burnham

Riki talks with comedian/musician Bo Burnham about getting his start on YouTube, the evolution of his work and using comedy as a vessel for communicating ideas.

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  • I love Bo Burnham! He’s the BEST comedian out there! The first song I listened to by him was New Math and I was instantly blown away. He’s the funniest man alive. ‘Nuff said.

  • This is the only “Making it” I’ve listened to. Does that make me a bad person? What about constant Netflix on stolen Wi-Fi? I think it does folks.

    How could you be surprised that he’s so intelligent? I think it’s obvious in his stand-up how smart and analytical he is. That being said– it would seem that he really does act like he’s a 20 year-old that thinks he knows the world.

    Anyway… this was good. Bo is one of my favorite musical comedians.

  • Bo is such an intelligent speaker and what he says has so much meaning…I love that he goes beyond the surface of what comedy is and really digs deep into himself and into the world around him to get material for his show. I’ve been a fan of his for about a year and it was really awesome to listen to him talking about his work! Thanks for sharing this!

  • This is an amazing conversation between my two favorite songwriter/comedians. I’ve followed Riki for 4 years, Bo for over 3, ever since I saw him poorly interviewed by some talk show host on TV. Great questions, unbelievably insightful answers, all the more so for his young age. A thoroughly engaging conversation all around!

    This one’s good, obviously, ( I wouldn’t be listening otherwise), but I mean come on… He would be awesome with Mira-booey, Vajonah, and the Big C!!!!

  • Bo – inspiration! amazing! intellectual! genius!!!!!!!

    You have given people motivation to succeed, continue doing what they love, and always laugh at everything! Hilarious! Keep doing what your doing! Want to see more of you! Good job! Keep kickin ass!