Episode 17

Kickin' It Mary Lynn Style

Stamie Karakasidis

Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style #17: Stamie Karakasidis

Mary Lynn writes: This week I talk to Stamie Karakasidis, who you may know from The Real L Word. We talk about “coming out half way” versus “coming out,” being moms, real estate, and Tony Robbins. Tune in!

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  • Speaking for the over 40, straight, black male part of your demographic that’s listened to every show, if we ever met in person I’d be satisfied with a smile, small wave, and one of those opposite shoulders touching, no look, light tap hugs.

  • Hey M-L, if you ever laugh while in public, people definitely will know it’s you. Even if they thought, “Hey, she looks like… could it be… nah,” there’s no mistaking your laugh – it’s delightful.

    Also really dug how Stamie really told things as she saw them, with no bull. Obviously part of that is how she operates and who she is, but credit must also go to you for establishing the “safe space” in which she can speak freely.

    You both rule. Thanks for doing this.