Episode 9

Jonah Raydio

Episode and Canvas

Jonah Raydio #9: Episode and Canvas

Tonight, on Jonah Raydio, Ronnie Barnett from the rock band The Muffs delights us with stories of kicking people in the face, Craig Finn being mean, and working at a record store with Jonah! Also music by: Live! From A Basement, The Good Graces, Morgan’s Orange, Perfect Hair Forever, and Family History (who also does this week’s theme song). Joining the boys is of course Jonah’s brother Adam and Ben Goetting (who has been the designer for everything Vagrant records for years!)

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Artwork by Dana Lechtenberg, a parody of the Braid album Frame and Canvas.


Family History “Howlin'”

Live From the Basement  “Blisters”

Ronnie has a bad Plaster Caster experience….

The Good Graces “Summer of 93”

The Muffs “Lucky Guy”

Ron Benway “Everybody Loves You When You’re From Hawaii”

Perfect Hair Forever “Nosebleed”