Episode 28

Jonah Raydio


Jonah Raydio #28: Mahoneyaydio

This week it’s the long anticipated second episode of Mahoneyaydio.  On this week’s HamoneyReardayo they talk about nutrition, anti-hair loss techniques, and other fun stuff.  Hanging in the studio with them, putting in their two cents, were Tony Thaxton, Christina John, and Jalise Woodward.  Check out Jalise’s band Spirit Vine, and if you’re looking for drum lessons, Tony is now giving them.  Vocal sound drops by Adam Rodrigues, and produced by Cash Hartzell.


Featured Songs

Prantz  Fantast “Good Grades”

Black Lips “Cruising”

Har Mar Superstar “We Don’t Sleep”

Former Selves “Neil Time”

Restorations “New Old”

Spirit Vine “Wolves”

Har Mar Superstar “Restless Leg”