Episode 24

Jonah Raydio

We Were Dead Before the…

Jonah Raydio #24: We Were Dead Before the Episode Even Sank

This week we have Kali Fontecchio, aka Kali Kazoo!  On this episode, you’ll hear how Kali’s dad got to see Jimi Hendrix perform on three separate occasions!!  In addition, you get to hear superbly timed sound drops by Neil, we make a game of the twitter game, and Adam STILL doesn’t have his own microphone.  As always, sponsored by Blue Collar Distro:


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Featured Songs

Kali Fontecchio “Clem”

Kali Fontecchio “Come Rest”

Cocky Streetz “Dope”

Colleen Green “You’re So Cool”

Kali Fontecchio “The Hangman” featuring Rob Schrab (Matt Berry cover)

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