Episode 15

Jonah Raydio

Episode 8

Jonah Raydio #15: Episode 8

This was a party of an episode! Not only does The Meltdown resident artist Dave Kloc come by to hang, we are joined by Emily Gordon from the Indoor Kids, recent guest Ed Salazar, the lovely Kate Ward, The Brother In Residence Adam Rodrigues, and some guy named Dom. This one STARTS with arguing!

As always. this episode is brought to you by Blue Collar Distro, where you are able to buy Jonah Raydio shirts!


Snacktime – “Same As Before”

Grlfrnds – “Catching Girls In The 80’s”

Gay Kiss – “Rant”

Anxiety Machine Records

Lovely Bad Things – “Fried Eyes”

Supercontinent – “The Monolith”

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