Episode 018

James Bonding

James WonderConing

James Bonding #018: James WonderConing

It’s a live James Bonding from WonderCon with guests Jordan Morris, Alie Ward, and Georgia Hardstark!

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  • I was there at the recording, can confirm that he did give the $50 to the kid on stage mind you, and I was the dude who asked the Timothy Dalton question.

  • I’m going to just assume that this episode will not redeem the reputation that precedes Alie and Georgia. However, I think it lent a bit more perspective on them as people and moviegoers. Plain and simple, they just aren’t people who seem to enjoy or comprehend cinema as a visual or storytelling medium and just don’t have the patience for it. As for their perception of “misogyny”, you can tell that they are extremely sensitive based on their comments regarding action or violence. I think that perspective will help humanize them to the Bonding audience, but I certainly don’t foresee them becoming fan favorites.

  • i agree with Nate2764 in that Georgia and Alie’s rep went down for me.

    They do not pay attention to a film then complain that it does not make sense.

    The statement: “We learned a lot about us and a lot about James Bonding fans” was said with enough condescension towards the James Bonding fans that it was like she did not think in any way shape or form that her opinion should be questioned.

    My problem with G&A’s assessment of Goldfinger was that the only thing they talked about was the misogyny in the move. It seemed like they were so angry at that one aspect of the film that it clouded every single opinion of the film. The end of the podcast where one of the girls said that she was happy that the Bond films are less misogynistic just capped it. Again, their ENTIRE point of view on the film was how it handled women.

    I do not have a problem with someone not liking a Bond film, I do have a problem with them and the hosts having the opinion that no one should criticize the girls opinions

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  • Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting
    different results.
    -Albert Einstein

    So after an unexplained two month hiatus we are back with everyone’s favorite dysfunctional misandrist Alie and Georgia because, screw the audience. This time to review another top rated Bond, Casino Royale. Given a strong backlash to the Goldfinger episode, have they learned to watch films on a proper TV without distractions (cooking, texting, ect)? Have they learned to view a film in context with the world it presents and time it was made? Have they learned the difference between fictional art and the real world? Have they learned to not view films through a prism of far left militant politics or unrelated personal bitterness?

    As Ramsay Snow from Game of Thrones might say, if you think the answer to any of these questions is yes then you haven’t been paying attention.

    Once again this James Bond podcast morphed into an MSNBC diatribe. Notable moments included racism, (complaining that Daniel Craig is too white) sexism, (comparing Daniel Craig to a grumpy penis), and flat out inventing/falsifying scenes in the film (Alie seems to think the shower scene involved rape). It’s this last one that points to just how troubled Alie’s mindset is. Anyone who has watched Casino Royale knows that scene is the heart and soul of the movie. It displays a rare honest human reaction to violence that is beautifully filmed. No connection with rape was depicted in any way shape or form. That clearly does not stop someone like Alie who views the world through hate and bitterness from rewriting the scene in her head.

    Perhaps notes of resignation from Matt Mira near the end signal an acknowledgment that at least he has finally learned from this debacle.

  • I am not dismissing Alie and Georgia on sexist grounds. That would be impossible, for I have an absolutely MASSIVE bachelors degree in English behind me.

    Don’t you see this? Don’t you know what I am becoming? My petty neurosis have transcended misogyny and have become the word of god and the people.

    Good day to you troglodytes, may your flesh crackle and burn in the light of my unassailable critique.

  • My main thing is that the Live and Let Die episode was so ebullient and so downright joyful, it seemed like a great taste of what the rest of the Roger Moore era James Bonding podcasts would be like. I don’t love all the Moore movies, but I can’t wait to hear each and every episode dealing with them.

  • I really hope this comment thread doesn’t descend into personal attack like the last one because I’d like the hosts to hear our concerns without getting protective. I don’t think those ladies have a perspective or appreciation for the medium being discussed, and their opinions seem more angry and obstructive than means for proper discourse.

    I love the podcast, and appreciate the time they took to be on it, but I feel two of ripest movies for discussion have been wasted on non-cooperative guests.

  • I really enjoyed this one. So ok, I might not agree with much (or anything) that Allie & Georgia said but I rather like that we don’t just get people that love Bond on every episode.
    And its not like its actually Bond that they have trouble with, I think that if you had put any film with violent or emotionless male main characters (say Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or most fantasy films) they would still not have enjoyed it. And that’s fine. I`m sure I`m not a fan of the type of films they do like.
    The only thing I found disappointing is that they didn’t seem to actually give the film a chance, not really paying attention to it or following the story.
    Of course, Mr Fleming on the phone was a highlight :)
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