Episode 015

James Bonding

GOLDENEYE with Craig Rowin

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James Bonding #015: GOLDENEYE with Craig Rowin

Craig Rowin joins the Matts to finish out the Pierce Brosnan movies with GoldenEye!

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  • I hope that Greg Proops will still be on the podcast for “Man with the Golden Gun”. And when you get to Timothy Dalton, PLEASE be kind – it’s unfair that Dalton got criticized for what Daniel Craig does now.

  • Well, you could have the order be that Matt Mira suggests, but with the added proviso that M was put in cryogenic freeze after Quantum of Solace, ala Austin Powers, and not awoken until GoldenEye. I’m not sure why they’d do that. Actually it’d just be a lot easier to suggest that many of the characters are timelords.

  • “The Polkaroo was here?!? And Matt Gourley missed him again?”
    “Uh, no. That wasn’t the Polkaroo. You’re thinking of dead Ian Fleming.”
    “I always get those two confused.”

  • rofl. “It’s my *dooty* to kill you” & “I’m 007, not no.2″ made me laugh so much I had to pause the ‘cast! PLEASE tell me you’ll add this segment into future episodes? You have comedians + comedy writers on every time; how could you not have done a segment where you pitch witty puns and Bondisms SOONER!?

    GREAT to have you guys back, btw!

    And I also must say, I prefer Nicole Scherzinger’s (from Pussycat Dolls and Eden’s Crush) version of the theme song from Goldeneye: Reloaded (the Wii/PS3/X360 remake of the N64 that re-imagines it as a modern Daniel Craig Bond). Don’t know why; it’s just a straight-up cover, not a new arrangement. Scherzinger is singing just like Tina Turner… I just like her voice better.

  • Oh, and Mira (aka Teddy Ruxpin), please stop floating your batshit Bond theories! You come off as an egotistical, spoiled ass and it grinds everything to a halt…and you’re WRONG!

  • Dammit… I was so looking forward to this finally coming back. It just kept getting so damned far off track over and over again for so long that it was getting boring and I would stop paying attention. It’s episodes like this where it seems Matt doesn’t want to be a leader, and these need to have someone wrangling the whole thing. Just ultimately very disappointed.

  • Mira’s car fetish rants are so great. It’s as if he imagines Bond’s relationship with the Astin Martin being the same as Viggo Mortensen’s character and the horse in ‘Hidalgo’. (And yeah, if I had the time I’d totally photoshop a Cribs-type photo of Mira standing in a palatial cobblestone driveway between an Astin Martin and an old dusty mustang.)

  • I’m probably not what one would consider a “Bond fan” – I like the movies just fine, but there are several I haven’t seen even once. In spite of that, I really like the podcast. But what is with all of the digressions into products featured in the movies? For me the podcast just flies off the rails when this stuff gets more than a cursory mention. Is this a relatively common hardcore Bond fan thing that I just don’t get?

  • I rewatched Goldeneye recently and I realized that the majority of my memories of the movie were actually from the video game. Also–the person I was watching the movie with had a huge problem with the fast cuts in this movie.

  • Always thought the Goldeneye lyrics was in part about Pierce Brosnan:-

    “You’ll never know how I watched you from the shadows as a child.”

    Brosnan talked about watching Goldfinger as his first non-disney cinema experience.

    “you’ll never know how it feels to be the one who’s left behind
    You’ll never know the days, the nights, the tears, the tears I’ve cried
    but now my time has come…”

    He had the job, then sadly lost out, but now he’s got it.

    “See him move through smoke and mirrors, feel his presence in the crowd…”

    Brosnan watching Connery in Goldfinger again.

    “…you’ll never know, how it feels to be so close and be denied..”


    And maybe the opening verse is also about Connery coming out of the water in the opening to Goldfinger. No mention of the duck on his head though.

    “See reflections on the water, more than darkness in the depths,
    see him surface in every shadow, plastic duck upon his head”


  • Since I see it was covered at length, Ill just second the idea that “watching from the shadows” is an unsubtle hidden reference to watching JB movies in a dark theatre.
    But yeah, the surface meaning in the context of the movie is still “???”

  • There’s the potential here for a spin-off, where people introduce modern society to Ian Fleming. Maybe called “I’m Fleming on Everything”.
    It’d be funny if Ian just read aloud Dr. Seuss books.

  • it’s worth noting that Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton did the theme to the mission impossible movie around the same time. also shame on matt for cutting short the bathroom oneliners, it was the highlight of this episode.

  • Figuring out the mess of the Bond timeline is, in many ways, a Sisyphean task… But I will say that one important bit of evidence supporting the Mira timeline was already brought up in this podcast, in the From Russia With Love episode. Mira mentions that Moneypenny says in FRWL that she’s never been to Istanbul… Which would justify Skyfall coming after. But of course then it raises the question of why Moneypenny was M’s secretary… then a field agent… then changed races (DNA replacement therapy?)… then became a different M’s secretary. My personal fun explanation- Eve Moneypenny is Lois Maxwell’s Moneypenny’s adopted daughter who filled the hole in her heart that Bond never could.

  • This episode was kinda rough. Lack of focus, a fair amount of rambling, tangents. At one point, Matt and Matt even seemed to admit that they weren’t into the show anymore. I can feel it. And to add insult to injury, there was mic banging going on throughout the whole thing.

    And yet despite all this, Matt’s Ian Fleming still makes me chuckle.

  • Great episode again, guys. I’m a big fan of Goldeneye as it was my first Bond movie. But one thing… dear god, stop touching the mics or whatever you’re doing to cause all the mic noise. It’s like when people eat food or chew gum at the mic, just annoying as hell.

  • Thank goodness you’re back! Love the show and always have a lot of fun listening, even to the tangents. I got the entire collection on blue ray as a xmas present and am psyched to watch and listen as the year goes on. Cheers!

  • The only way to resolve all the timeline issues is to expand the Mira Thesis :-

    James Bond is a Time Lord.

    So too are M, Q, Moneypenny, Blofeld and Felix Leiter; explaining the multiplicity of actors in those roles.

    The DB5 is the form taken by Bond’s TARDIS. It always has exactly the equipment Bond needs for the mission. The chameleon circuit copied it after Bond won a “normal” DB5 in Casino Royale.

  • Fun to hear Fleming stop by again and I’m really glad you guys gave Scorupco credit for being one of the top Bond girls ever. Her acting and the writing of the role all worked so well.

  • I think I know the deal with the Goldeneye lyrics. It’s an inside reference to Brosnan finally getting the Bond part. He often says Goldfinger was the first color film he ever saw in a theater. Now, look at these lyrics:

    You’ll never know how I watched you
    From the shadows as a child
    You’ll never know how it feels
    To be the one who’s left behind

    Note also the reference to being left behind—not getting the part before. I think this is inside baseball.

  • Myself and several other members of my family take baths in the morning, it’s a great way to relax into the morning, so don’t feel bad Matt, we’re here and we’re behind you!!!

  • This episode seemed loss. Maybe it was the jet lagged for Matt. Or the sickness 90 hours for the other Matt. Or maybe the non studio recording. It didn’t seem focused or if you are not having as much fun as normal.

    Still love the show.

    Next up the dreaded Moore years… this podcast is almost over… sad joshua

  • Hi Matts! Would it be possible for me to sit in on a taping your fine podcast and cough EVERY FUCKING FIFTEEN SECONDS?!?!? Whoever that was – that’s a cunt.

  • All the films do come between Quantum and Skyfall. It’s true that they originally intended the aston martin to be the car he got in a poker game, but the fact is it clearly isn’t in the final movie. With the gadgets and the drivers seat reflected it can’t be.
    Skyfall makes clear reference to a career which doesn’t sound like it includes just two movies. Why would M trust Bond so much if he’s been unstable for the vast majority of his career? Why are M and Bond so close if they haven’t been acting together for long? I mean in Casino she thinks his ego will get in the way, and that he’ll probably get himself killed; so how can she trust him so completely like 3 years later that she breaks protocol to put him on a mission another agent in better condition could have been put on?
    The next M (Ralph Fiennes) and several other characters make reference to the idea of Bond and M having this long career. Most notably Q makes a deliberate jab at Bond about using crazy gadgets. But there were almost no crazy gadgets in either of the previous movies. Why is Bond so considered so old, and such a relic of a past age if he’s only been working as a 00 for about 6 years; people literally work at mcdonalds longer than that.
    The only way the plot and themes make sense is if some adventures, roughly equivalent to the past movies happened between the second and third craig movie!
    I rest my case.