Episode 006

James Bonding

CASINO ROYALE with Amanda…

James Bonding #006: CASINO ROYALE with Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci

Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci join the Matts to talk about the sexiness that is James Bond and Casino Royale!

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  • I started watching bond movies because of this show. I found the whole Mathis plotline a little confusing but overall I loved this bond movie it’s topped my previous favorite From Russia with Love.

  • Not that this the first hole ever in a Bond movie, but they would have only lost money on the stock if the price went up. Short selling is not betting, but essentially borrowing, reselling, and repaying the borrower, hoping the price went down. If the stock stayed the same price, he won’t lose any money. The stock price would have to somehow double immediately for him to actually lost all the money.

  • Such a fun episode, and two hours of it at that. After the brutality of Goldfinger this had exactly the perfect tone. I hope these two guests are brought back for another go in the future.

  • Another excellent episode guys and girls! I’m really enjoying the different perspectives! One of my favourite bonds.

    This time I noticed those Skyfall parallels as well, the ear piece, Bond’s intrusive nature. Also he gets shot at in a construction vehicle (a bulldozer) although in Skyfall he ends up getting hit. I’m sure there’s more!

    While I didn’t mind last week’s episode, I much prefer it when you guys go scene by scene and breakdown the movies and dish out trivia and interesting tid bits, last week’s was a bit scattered and went off topic more often.

    Keep up the great work!

  • I’m a girl and I’m named Miles and I got SO excited when Amanda suggested that Lady M’s name could be Miles. I’m not 7. I’m 21. There is no reason for me to have gotten that excited.