Episode 005

James Bonding

GOLDFINGER with Alie and…

James Bonding #005: GOLDFINGER with Alie and Georgia

Alie and Georgia come on the podcast to talk about the controversy they found in Goldfinger!

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  • I’m new to James Bond and started watching them because of this show and I’ve really missed out. From Russia With Love is so far my favorite. Goldfinger is fine though I agree with Alie and Georgia that it’s horribly sexist.

  • Although I understand their points about the obvious misogyny in James Bond, this episode was so uncomfortable to listen to…

    I think there’s a place for that sort of critical analysis, but in a fun podcast like yours (by and for Bond fans) after a while it made me feel like an asshole for even liking the character and the movies.

  • I love this podcast and all things Bond. This episode was such a downer that I stopped in less than half way in. We are here to celebrate something we love, if I wanted negativity I would go read the comments section.

  • Every episode that goes by, the guests know less and less about James Bond, now to the point where they know nothing and it is hurting the enjoyment of the podcast badly.

  • As a huge Bond fan, I’ve really enjoyed this podcast up until this episode. That being said, do we really need a killjoy to hate on the movies? Aren’t we here to talk about these movies because we love them? I understand the idea of a devil’s advocate and yes I am WELL aware of the misogyny present, especially in the early films(which reflects the era it was made in) but I have a hard time believing people who tuned in to the podcast want to hear how much their favorite films suck by non-fans. I’m not saying that the sexist and racist elements present in the older films were ever OK, but at some point you have to look at the evolution and understand that those were(and still are to a hopefully lesser degree) problems in society, NOT just in Bond movies. To not acknowledge that means we should just throw all our old Bond movies away, and that’s the last thing I’ll ever do.
    So…can we try and make this a bit more fun again?


  • As an avid maker of this podcast, I enjoyed this episode. I found it refreshing to hear thoughts on this movie from people that haven’t seen the movie. It’s the most talked about James Bond movie on the planet. Everyone has said everything about it already. A fresh point of view was great in my mind.

    • Always good to have new points of view. Would have been nice to have actual discussion of those points of view instead of pointing out the obvious misogyny and then embarrassed by it move on to talking about alcoholic drinks. I think Alie and Georgia could have really helped to get some discussion going about challenging whether Goldfinger is deserving of its status, but it didn’t got that way. So far after listening to each episode I’ve been entertained and felt I got a new perspective on the movie. There was so little discussion of the movie here that I didn’t get anything new out of it. Still, loving the podcast and will be listening to every episode (at least once), just disappointed that an episode that could have been awesome was tedious.

  • “Because talking about the inherent misogyny and sexism present in something I like isn’t fun, you shouldn’t talk about it.”

    –sexism and misogyny apologists.

    Which is like saying rape jokes are made for people who want to have fun, so just let them tell their rape jokes and stop being such “downers” by pointing out that they’re rape apologists.

  • I have enjoyed the past episodes, but please have some people on who know James Bond and also like James Bond. I got about 15 minutes in to this one before I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t want to listen to people complain about the movies. Isn’t this podcast about celebrating our love of the series?

  • (in case it wasn’t obvious enough in my previous comment, the world doesn’t revolve around whether or not you’re having fun. Sometimes it revolves around whether or not people are capable of being decent human beings.)

  • I get that Bond is not for everyone. And I get that the majority of things said on this episode are accurate for the time and place of the film.
    However, I must agree with several of the comments. This episode was the worst. Bond is escapist fantasy made with tongue firmly in cheek. It does not pretend to be anything more than that.
    I did not find any of the commentary by the guests to be relevant to the episode to be discussed.Which was disappointing. I like both of your guests and thought they would be a lot of fun. They weren’t. I did not realize that a simple fluff movie could be that horrible to watch. Or that I might be a sexist pig for enjoying it.
    What I found more disappointing was how often the Matts apologized for making them watch the episode, and for Bond overall.
    WTF guys! Why are you apologizing for a character you love.. So much so that you have a podcast based on it. A podcast I might add I have really enjoyed until now.
    I am very disappointed. I hope the next one is better.

  • Hey Matt Mira. It’s your podcast and rock it how you like. May I make a suggestion and do a mulligan episode. I’m hoping Gil (Mutant Season) hasn’t seen it. And you could bring him in for a PG-Bonding ep.

  • But Bastien, why even listen to this podcast, then? It’s in the description of the show that this is a podcast done by comedians who are fans of James Bond. All the shows so far have been light-hearted and have celebrated the movies, and the jokes/criticism came from a place of appreciation. This was the first episode where the guests openly hated the concept of the character. How does not liking that fact makes the people that were put off by the overall negative tone of the characters as being rape apologists or misogynists?

  • Or Bastien, you can lay off the name calling and take your overly self-righteous comments elsewhere. If you’re THAT quick to call people misogynists or rape apologists, AND you’re a fan of Bond movies…aren’t you treading into awfully hypocritical water?

  • I’m not sure how something can be considered refreshing or not if it’s completely joyless. This episode felt like something the four of you should have done away from microphones.

  • Came for shitty comments whining about women being allowed to voice dissenting opinions, was not disappointed.

    (Good episode, Messrs. Mira and Gourley. Carry on.)

  • Great guests and the best podcast since Tompkins. I’d never heard of these two before but the conversation was great.

    Except for moments where Gourley seemed ready to throw Bond under the bus to impress the girls like a teenage boy throwing his model airplane in the trash when his crush comes over.

    Just kidding it was all good. Doing a couple of mst3k type shows with these two seems like a great idea but you might need to be mentally prepared to chuck it out and do a regular podcast if it doesn’t work out well.

  • Came to see comments from white knights like Dan coming out of the woodwork to defend an embarrassingly bad podcast that had the hosts cowering and apologizing for liking something they built a podcast around, was not disappointed.

    Hey Dan: I’m sure Alie and Georgia are desperately trying to contact you. Just wait for it. Any minute now…

  • So… I actually liked this episode. It had just as many jokes and fun tangents as the other episodes. I don’t see why everyone is so pissed that the insane sexism bothered two women who didn’t have any love or nostalgia for the series. And I will never understand why “It was a different time!” magically makes things all better. Yes, it was a different time, but that doesn’t make it any less awful 50 years later. People should have known better, and a lot of them did. Look at the other big movies from the early 60s. Most of them don’t have nearly this much offensive bullshit. Except Breakfast at Tiffany’s, of course.

    In other words, fuck off, internet.

    PS: I’ve been a huge Bond fan for most of my life, and Goldfinger was my favorite for a long time.

  • I think this episode would have been a very interesting bonus episode discussing the themes presented here, as is I was really dissapointed with this as the Goldfinger episode. As you mentioned it is one of the most popular Bond movies but you guys said you weren’t crazy about it and I really wish you could have gone into details as to why instead of discussing broad sexist Bond themes, which again is a great topic for a heady discussion; but it comes out of left field when the last 4 episodes have been so fun and light. I am really glad you talked about the ridiculous gangsters though, easily my favorite part of the movie.

  • It wasn’t just that, Pickle. Those girls were beyond obnoxious. They had a problem with the GPS. They had a problem with the belly-dancing. They had a problem with men who like James Bond and said it indicated a character flaw. Then the Matts groveled to them.

    And yeah – the time period makes the sexism perfectly okay. Films are snapshots of the cultural zeitgeist and emerging technology of the times in which they were released. That is the lens through which to view them. Grow up, and don’t take it personally. If a man said “man talk, button it and make me a coffee” to a woman in an office today, he’d be rightfully fired and the company sued. Times have changed for the better, but to castigate a film from the 60s according to today’s equality standards is absurd.

    Also: Stop white knighting. It’s painfully transparent.

  • Hi Carl! I disagree with everything you said! Except the part about “white knighting” (is that really a thing?). I desperately want my anonymous internet alter-ego to seem a like a great guy. In the real world, I wander the streets at night beating minorities with a stick.

    “don’t take it personally” was an interesting, unexpected response. I’m a straight white male, I don’t see how any of this could be personal.

  • I must have misunderstood the point of this podcast. I was given to believe that it would be a celebration of these films, warts and all, by fans and for fans, with emphasis on trivia, repeating themes, and analysis (that reads a little more dry and scholarly than i intended, but I hope my gist is clear), with a large dose of comedy sprinkled throughout. Hope the next one doesn’t have a comments section with the phrase “rape apologist” in it, as I was wanting to hear an in-depth discussion of James Bond movies. Still, thanks for making a free podcast for my enjoyment. All involved are clearly intelligent and talented. My apologies for the complaining tone, but I felt the need to make note of the dissonance.

  • wow…i cant believe there’s already this many comments…and i fear that i will add to them…im trying very hard to not write a reactionary review and rather provide constructive critique:

    Matt/Matt…i love this podcast. I, too, was raised with a love of bond movies. I love that you have chosen to bring a diverse array of guest hosts, many whom have little/no experience with Bond, nor a particular liking of the subject. Your guests for this podcast, for one of the greatest bond flims (my opinion) were so jaded, negative, and close minded that i really couldnt enjoy a discussion with opposing view points. One of the two guest hosts said..and these are her words..that she “Hated james bond” in the opening minutes. Also, i found that both of you quickly started siding with any/all negative comments as opposed to even trying to explain why you love bond.

    Take these comments for what they are…Im just suggesting that going forward you dont necessarily need to choose any additional female hosts with such seething hatred for something you are discussing your love of. This podcast doesnt mean you endorse specific dated references or womanizing aspects of the movies….hopefully future guests will respect that and maybe respect you and your love of these movies and give them a chance.

    Peace .n. Vodka heath bar blizzard…blended..not sirred.

    Fury….Three Toes of Fury….

  • I enjoyed the start of this podcast and the different point of view of your guests this episode but it went so off topic about half way through and never returned to the film.

  • I don’t think it’s too late to do a mash up… “The Man With the Golden Finger” Please let me know if you can get in touch with Barbara Broccoli to get this ball rolling….

  • Some weeks it might be best not to have any guest. This is one issue I have with Nerdist channel podcasts in general, they seem to think that there always needs to be a guest. The best other podcasts i listen to (Bugle, Firewall/Iceberg, Hollywood Prospectus etc) rarely have guests.

    There’s nothing wrong with just some Mira/Gourley chat for 90 minutes.

  • Matt and Matt, are you guys not aware that there are white, blue eyed people in Latin America? A blue eyed Mexican is quite possible, and it’s pretty racist to laugh about the impossibility of it.

  • I made it through about 45-50 minutes, but it was too much. I guess I don’t see the point in having two people on who hate the topic matter so much that they offer little more than lazy and disinterested analysis. Beyond that, they seemed more interested in combatting the audience.

  • Love this podcast but was really disappointed by this episode – I’ll freely admit I stopped listening at about a 1/2 hour in.

    The constant (CONSTANT) Hipster commentary on anything but the movie from the guests destroyed what I thought the vibe of the show was supposed to be and instead turned into some kind of one sided shouting fest on how everything that has ever existed is somehow demeaning to women.

    I’ll absolutely be back for the next episode, but I can’t see myself ever listening to the rest of this one.

  • I loved this episode, and hope Alie and Georgia come back to rag on another Bond movie just to upset the whiny children who can’t tolerate an actual varying opinion on something they like.

    I also like how they predicted the whinging from the internet halfway through the episode. Keep it up, Matt/Matt.

  • Matt/Matt,
    Disappointed. This is my favorite Bond film and I was really looking forward to an insightful discussion. Instead It was basically like listening to 2 diabetics be judges on “cupcake wars”. Real shame