Episode 001

James Bonding

Dr. No With Paul F.…

James Bonding #001: Dr. No With Paul F. Tompkins

Matt and Matt invite comedian Paul F. Tompkins to the show to break down the 1962 classic.

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  • These podcasts made my day. We watched Dr. No this past weekend totally by accident. I love the explaination of the weird noise when Bond was trying to escape. Looking forward to the next one!

  • /Where I meant to put this/

    In Baccarat, you want to get the highest count — In Mod 10. A 5 and a 4 is 9, but a 5 and a 5 is zero. A 7 and a 6 is worth 3. If any player is dealt an 8 or a 9, the one with the higher number wins automatically. Otherwise the players may optionally take a third card. Highest score wins. The betting is more complicated.

  • Ok, while I enjoyed the commentary, the “Sean Connery reads the titles of TV shows” bit had me crying on the floor as I was laughing hysterically.
    If there’s anyone I ever want to comment on my having the world’s most uncomfortable sex in a rowboat, it would be PFT, MM and MG.

  • Fun and funny. Too bad Paul F. T. can’t be on each episode. If you have no one lined up for Skyfall, maybe ask Kumail? He generally has interesting and funny insights about movies.

  • It shouldn’t be a surprise that Fleming struck up an acquaintance with this Bothroyd character. Fleming appreciated experts in all sorts of areas, and was a sort of experience-sponge. One of his most important wartime job for British military intelligence(Churchill’s baby, the SOE) was to debrief one of the most flamboyant( and successful) agents of the war in Lisbon. It’s assumed that Bond’s man-of-the-world attitudes toward creature comforts came directly from that meeting. Besides, compared to most American collectors on TV, this guy is absolutely sane–I don’t why you’re all so shocked by him. He’s a collector, being filmed in the room in which his collection lives(including holsters), who obviously lives in a country house, so who is he bothering by shooting indoors or out? From your reactions, I expected some twitchy lunatic. Instead, I see a classic English gentleman of a generation or two ago, expounding on his hobby.

    A last note about the cigarettes: it’s not a comparison of quality to offer American, English and Turkish(that’s a completely separate issue); those are the three most common traditional cigarette blends(with Virginia and Balkan close behind), offering three very distinct flavors(Americans have mostly never experienced any of this, since first the big manufacturers starting adding flavoring to keep costs down & burning agents to the papers, and then the feds mandated this ridiculous anti-burning agent–all excellent reasons to roll your own). Reread FRWL, and you’ll see when Bond first meets Red Grant(posing as his local Secret Service contact) that Bond takes a dislike to him and senses that he’s at least a poser(if not worse) partly because he offers Bond a straight Virginia cigarette(very bright, spicy flavors, straight Virginia–unless very expensive–tends to be quite harsh, like Canadian smokes), a type he hates.

  • I gave up on the Star Trek podcast after only a couple episodes, but after only sort of two episodes, I’m intrigued. Even though I am barely a Bond fan, you Matt(s) have my attention.

    Critics of science fiction and fantasy point out that both genres are fat with sentimentality. Whether it’s a sword or a ship, the author has feelings for objects and ideas in the story that are overly precious. They are treated in a way that removes not just them but the whole story our of the realm of human experience and human nature.

    Bond on the other hand, fetishizes everything. There is nothing sentimental about a sexy Walters PPK in .380. Instead the pistol, the gadgets, the cars, and the women are all trophies to be had in a game — a game not unlike one between two old English public schools. The villains are just the ruggers on the other side of the pitch. I have to say that after years of Trek/Wars and Chronicles of Rings, the James Bond fantasy may be creepy male, but at least it is human.

    However, on a more disturbing historical note, here are other images of the genre Bond comes from:

    The Jack Lords sound like a tousled and shark suited gang from The Warrior.


    (P.S. Felix Leiter is the yank CIA agent, whereas Felix Ungar is a neat-freak roommate played by Jack Lemmon and/or Tony Randall.)

  • I guess it makes more sense if I spell THE WARRIORS correctly. I’m always misplacing the decimal point!

    Yes, please, Matt, get whoever is remaking The Warriors — and you know some jerk is — to add The Jack Lords to the plethora of gangs.

    [More spell corrections pending]

  • I was looking forward to this the minute the concept was first mentioned, but the actual episode so exceeded my expectations. I haven’t laughed like this in ages. And, on top of that, there was some genuinely interesting discussion.

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Please oh please cover the Bond video games as well, especially the stand alones. I was hoping that Matt would ask Maria Menuous (sp.?) about playing a Bond villain.

  • So excited for this podcast, and it did not disappoint. It’s like taking one of my favorite podcasts, Analyze Phish and improving it by removing all references to Phish!

  • Loved this episode! PFT is always a good choice as first guest on a podcast. Looks like I need to replace all my VHS copies of the Bond series so I can get the sweet, sweet special features.
    I’ll make sure I subscribe/rate it on iTunes.

  • Very enjoyable shows, gents. One suggestion: It would be good to mention differences with the Fleming novels when appropriate. The one that comes to mind in Dr. No is that Bond’s trip through the ventilation shafts in the book was part of an obstacle course torture-test, IIRC. You Only Live Twice as a film is almost as different from the novel as, say, Disney’s Jungle Book. It’s my favorite of the books so I think Broccoli, et. al. flubbed in a big way. Making the film before On Her Magesty’s… really killed the chance to stick close to the novels

    How ’bout calling the transition when Bond girls go all weak in the knees after being independent, the “Oh,… James” moment? A breathless female voice could provide the effect. Note the difference of one who didn’t turn into Bond’s passive puddle Fona Volpe’s “will I be…safe.”

    I’m with you on Jack Lord being the most charismatic Felix Leiter in the early films. I never thought of Lord’s sunglasses as odd — they’re more like what the British imagined and maybe exaggerated as a certain type of American style. They remind me of JFK’s Ray Bans. Those weren’t much smaller, but they were a bit more squared off and “manly.”

    The writing for Rik Van Nutter’s Leiter in Thunderball makes him another exaggerated (Californian) American. Nothing like as manly as Bond, “what do you think we should do, James.” Is there anything to the story that the producers kept switching Leiter’s so that no actor would have any leverage by holding the part?

    Great work Matt & Matt, Looking for ward to the next one.

  • You guys are hilarious. But the podcast needs more structure. It gets old listening to you crack each other up repeatedly for long stretches without actually discussing the film(s). I mean, if you actually want people out there to listen, that is – otherwise have at it. As a total Bond nerd, I salute your knowledge of the films, but you kind of showed your *ss while making fun of the parts of “Dr. No” that have not stood the test of time. The film deserves more respect than that – it was groundbreaking in many ways. And you even mentioned some of those ways without bothering to actually discuss them in depth – such as how the earliest films set the tone for all future action movies. The music was pioneering, the sets were innovative, the use of credit sequences and the gun-barrel motif are still amazing, etc, etc. It would have been more interesting to spend more energy and insight discussing WHY the film spends so much time on “travel” scenes and “airport” scenes, too, instead of just making fun of that aspect. In 1962, international and airline travel was still exotic and exciting. Staying in luxurious hotels was still a novel thing for many middle-class people. One of the reasons the films were so exciting at the time was the travelogue feel of them. I wish you had spent a little more time just addressing the film in its proper context rather than cheaply making fun of it because it’s from1962 and not 2012. Still, the podcast was enjoyable, and I have high hopes for it. Keep the humor, but tighten up the structure. There are fans who will take what you have to say more seriously as a result.

  • @Kirk ,
    I appreciate your words. Sadly we weren’t meant to be taken particularly seriously. We happen to be 2 comedians who love James Bond. We don’t make any money doing this podcast, which means we do it because we enjoy it. Don’t take it too seriously.

    That being said We recently recorded the Goldfinger episode which may very well live up to your high expectations.
    In the meantime we’ll keep making them. All you have to do is listen or not.

    Thanks, MM

  • I have maybe watched one Bond film (I have vague memories of The World is not Enough), and I am impressed how enjoyable this is to listen to. The Spectre bit is possibly the most I’ve laughed at any of the hundreds of hours of Nerdist-family podcasts I have consumed. I wouldn’t object to more preparation, but I really couldn’t ask for anything more. Great job. Thanks for losing money for my enjoyment!

  • If you would like a full tutorial on Baccarat just let me know, I used to deal it. the person above is really really close, but not quite. If you ever want to be bored to tears watching people win and lose a LOT of money, hang out in the Baccarat pit in any casino. Its nuts….. Love the podcast so far, I’m a few episodes behind, but you’ve given me a good excuse to break out my Bond box set

  • Hi guys,
    I’ve just listening to episode zero and episode one and enjoyed them both so much that I decided to pour lighter fluid on my DVD copy of Dr No and set fire to it just so I could go out and buy it on BluRay and watch it (and then listen to episode one again).
    I plan on doing this with each movie you guys cover, so my Skyfall DVD’s days are numbered…
    Thanks for the great podcast!

  • Bond trivia: Ursula Andres’ reaction to the murder of the lone guard in the swamp was actually her watching as Sean Connery decided to drop a deuce in the water during filming.

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