Episode 26

Dining with Doug and Karen

David Huntsberger and Chef…

Dining with Doug and Karen #26: David Huntsberger and Chef Dave

Chef Dave creates a summer meal for Doug, Karen and special guest David Huntsberger!

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  • I love the show and am always excited to listen to the new one! I was wondering – maybe you could do a food graphic novel? You could pick up some of the recurring bits and honor all the chefs that have been on. I only thought I’d mention it because you guys know a lot of talented people and I’ve enjoyed ‘Relish: My life in the kitchen’ by Lucy Knisley and ‘In the Kitchen with Alain Passard’ by Chirstopher Blain.

    I mean, Thrilling Adventure Hour is doing it, why not you guys?

  • Hey Doug,
    Yeah, just wanted to comment about kids and sushi. Whistler, B.C. Canada is my hometown(now I live in WEHO) I’d say that 95 percent of kids there love sushi. I guess because it’s so popular, they grow up eating it!