Episode 21

Dining with Doug and Karen

At Karen's house with Andy…

Dining with Doug and Karen #21: At Karen’s House with Andy Windak!

It’s a very special episode of Dining with Doug and Karen! Andy Windak and his mixologist Nathan come to Karen’s house to make food and drinks on the spot. And there’s a special Tiki theme!

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  • Show was fantastic, as usual, Doug and Karen do yourselves both a favor and keep plugging away with Dw/DK . I realize it may be tough to get new chefs frankly, it is their loss. When one of your regulars hits the “Big Time” all of that frustration of trying to book a chef will evaporate.
    Need too get some T-shirts made “Were Gonna Eat !!”. Or a” MY NAME IS” T-shirt with the name scratched out and Rodrigo written in Crayon.

  • Your show contacted my friend about a dumb, short, dancing video he had online, he’s quite happy to let Melissa make fun of him (if it gets chosen). I think he was nuts to give consent.

  • Woo!! Tonga Hut shout out!
    I grew up not too far away from that bar in the NoHo. You could imagine my delight once I turned 21 and could actually enjoying those delicious if not lethal tiki drinks there. That place is AWESOME. Another reason I love listening to this podcast. Thanks for the delicious listening Doug and Karen!!!!

  • LOVE this podcast. I don’t know why honestly lol. I do not mind listening to people eating, it doesn’t bother me at all. I think it’s because my favorite podcasts are the ones that are the most real and spontaneous and these fit the bills. With guests or without, I will listen to them all. keep making them!

  • I couldn’t get into this one. I guess because I don’t drink, so I can’t fully appreciate all the mixology going on. Maybe you could do an episode where all the food has marijuana in it.